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PSVita: How to get DEX Livearea and ★Debug Utility

So today SiliciaAndPina created a Thread on our Forums showcasing his PS Vita with a DEX Livearea and the ★Debug Utility functionality which allows you to delete Patch Files, Save Data, addcont, create Core Files and a bit more. The ★Check functionality currently doesn’t work on retail Vitas though. He was also nice enough to provide the Files to do this yourself and get this functionality on your Vita 😀

Ps Vita DEX Livearea

Here is what he had to say about it:
“Okay so first. I’d like to give a huge thank you to @WCodeLyoko. As he provided me with a filesystem dump of a dex console and I’d also like to thank Major_Tom for VitaRW.

How To Unlock ★Debug Utility on CEX Vita’s
Okay so If you would prefer a video version of this then check here:

But if you prefer a wall of text tutorial then just keep reading.

So first you just need to download this file: https://mega.nz/#!s8dWDJ4Y!cbQNJRe84lyRIAhcuXtA91oJUC4zq7CaQiEHtUcY7IU
and then just extract it with either WinRAR, 7Zip, Or Windows Explorer. After you do that open FTP On your vita and copy VitaRW.vpk to your PSVita. with Molecular Shell Or Vitashell. install VitaRW. then you just need to run VitaRW On your vita and wait till it automatically exits (if it gets stuck press PS then ‘Continue’ The app) once that’s done Open an FTP Connection again. and on your PC Open Everything to VS0 and copy everything inside that folder directly to vs0: (you should be copying a folder called VSH Directly into vs0:) then it will ask if you want to overwrite shell.self you need to click ‘Yes’ once that’s done copying you just reboot your psvita tap and hold on any app and you will see “Delete” “Infomation” like usual but you’ll also see “★Debug Utility” and in “Infomation” there will be some extra info like the apps title id. whether or not is has GRW0: and more with debugging utility everything works. except Check which just says cannot find the application but still pretty useful.

– SilicaAndPina.”

It’s pretty cool to see stuff like this working on retail Vitas so maybe not much longer until we can have complete TestKits or make something like a CEX-DEX FrankenFW 😀

Source: SiliciaAndPina

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  1. Yea I will wait as if from silca as his Harry Potter ruined any rep with me but still amazing to see this.

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