VPK Shrink: For those with small Vita memory cards

For Vita owners with small memory cards such as 4/8GB that want to install their game backups can be a big hurdle. Currently installing a game backup VPK requires double the space of the actual VPK. In which case, games such as Persona 4 leaves the 4GB option completely out to dry.

This is where @HaiHakkuIku‘s VPK Shrink comes into play.  The program is able to use FTP to install your VPKs while using the minimum space possible.  The process is done by isolating the EBOOT from the VPK file and creating a separate folder holding all the other files. These files can then be transferred into the correct install dictionary.

What You Need:

  • VPK File
  • Router/Form of network communication
  • VPK Shrink

1. Drag you Game.VPK over VPK Shrink to open it59fb24e229e24967b6828383bcf16860

2. Once open you will be given the choice to turn on safe mode for your VPK. (I suggest yes)Screenshot_2


3. VPK Shrinker will create 2 files: install_GameID.vpk and a folder with the same GAMEID.  Transfer the install_GameID.vpk to ux0: on your vita using a FTP program.0e0d49d2e1584e2aaa72b6e5605b0d6a


4. Install install_GameID.vpk and then start back up the FTP.2016-09-01-183823

5. Transfer the contents of the GAMEID folder that VPK Shrink made to ux0/app/GAMEID.Screenshot_1

6. Start up your game/homebrew and have fun!

About JustTheRennie

I got into the hacking scene rather early in the PSP days but I was young and only really lurked around. Youtuber for Hackinformer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBS8gmssPG0zrhPI7fraABA Twitter: @JustTheRennie


  1. “For those with small Vita memory cards” or a nearly full Vita memory card :p

    • Mine is near full too :/ damn you s0ny and your memory card prices

    • While it’s inconvenient to do so if the card is larger you have the option of backing things up and retransferring, this method is helpful for those with large full ones too yeah, but it’s the only option (including a program like this and manually splitting the zip as needed as one option) for people with small cards

  2. Perfect. I was just thinking that something like this would be extremely useful.

  3. Not Working for Ninja Gaiden II

  4. here’s a question. if i try and transfer borderlands 2 would i need to transfer everything? like there’s an english, german, and french folder containing different audio file and subtitles maybe. they’re all roughly 300mb, so if i dont then that would lower the games size by at least half a gig.

  5. error for OPBB

  6. manos o meu cartão deu aquele problema msg [c4-10278-8] e n quer formatar o cartão mas n faz podem mim ajudar

  7. not all of the games I try this with leaves an install vpk… any ideas as to why this happens?

  8. So wait. Does this mean that if I have my Vita games backed up on my PS3 and I transfer them to my PC, I can theoretically install them from my PC to PS vita?

  9. How do you access your ps vita memory card through Windows Explorer o.o? is it faster than qcma or ftp for file transfer?

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