Our review of NYKO Clip Grip Power accessory for the Nintendo Switch

I recently receive the NYKO Clip Grip Power to review, as it’s one hell of an accessory to have in your Arsenal for the Nintendo Switch Joy cons or for your mobile device.
Let’s take a look at features of the clip grip power has to offer.

NYKO Clip Grip Power


  • Attach the Joy-Cons to Clip Grip Power for added comfort
  • Easily attach most Smart Phones
  • Ideal way to interact with the Nintendo Switch Online App
  • Store up to 7 Nintendo Switch games and 2 microSD cards
  • Internal battery provides extra play time for Joy-Cons, Smart Phone or Switch

As you can see this is one hell of an accessory like I said before it utilizes all the space one grip accessories could but are these features a plus or minus to the grip let’s go over some of that.

First, the design feels very similar to the rest of the grips out here but with a little bit more thickness and weight of course with a battery inside to charge other devices. When you slide the joy-cons and you’ll hear them snap in the grip and design feels just right. You can’t even tell that it holds seven Switch video games and 2 microSD memory cards, Phone clip featured on the back and internal battery for charging.

These two things don’t get in the way of the functionality and feel you get while playing with a joy con grip. The little bit of added weight that comes with the battery inside actually feels a little bit better and in my opinion, I like the little bit of extra weight.

The battery inside the grip clip actually doesn’t do a bad job and you can get many many hours of game play with the joy cons. Just press the “on” button on the grip for it to start charging the joy cons or device via USB. I have never been able to kill the charge on the joy-cons while playing with the grip because I always add them back to the switch or a power grip to charge.

Now using it to charge a dead device like I used my Nexus phone, for example, it didn’t do a bad job as it was powered on and playing a game with the joy-cons. So it was charging three devices if you think about it because each joy con is separate and it lasted for about an hour and a half. Which gave my phone 55% juice when it only had 5% which is about 17 hours of battery life if I treat my phone right. So that’s not a bad at all if you’re going to use this for your mobile device and want something to continuously charge your device while playing a heavy mobile game that calls for a lot of power.

Using to do some mobile gaming on isn’t bad at all and it can even hold the Switch, showing you that the clip can hold quite a bit of weight to it without the sliding out of its slot it locks in to. The hind a way feature of the clip is also very nice and doesn’t get in your way at all, you will never even know it’s there.

If you really like using your joy cons and want to get all the money you can get out of those $80 controllers this clip definitely works great for mobile devices especially since we got the new Android app that combines both controllers together called the joy con enabler.

So far everything with this clip grip accessory is a super plus and with a price of $25 it’s very inexpensive.

Joy cons clipping into the grip issue:

Now let’s talk about two cons I’ve noticed with the grip and one that’s a very big issue. Remeber back earlier I talked about the joy cons clipping into the grip well you can hear them clip in but they do not lock in.

What I mean by this is other joy con accessories we have to push the little button on the back of the joy cons to release it, so we can take the joy cons out of the grips or Switch. These grips have the Notches in the rails for them to lock in and you hear it clip but they don’t engage, to lock the Joy cons in place.

Now the joy cons are not just going to slide right out of the grip or anything like that but while I was playing street fighter and started to do some of the combos I noticed that they started the slide forward. I can assure you that this is the finished product that will be on retail shelves that was sent to me.

So right there that’s a big No-No in my book and you would probably have to take a little Dremel to knock out the rails some more so they actually click in and engage to lock the joy cons in place.

Fun sound with joy con controller vibration:

The next issue I noticed was when I had the joy con controller vibration on for most games. I kept hearing this loud hum vibration like noise come from it and the Joy con controllers are well attached to the clip grip.

Now my joy con do make quiet of rumble noise when they’re not even in the grip, so this just intensified it. I even took the games out, then added more back into it and to see if it would help. I even put cotton inside of it, which helped a little. The only thing that stopped it was just to turn off vibration all together and when you use this on your mobile device you probably won’t have any vibration. So it’s not a big ordeal it just something that kind of bugged me a little bit.


It’s a great clip grip & power bank, I would tell everybody, go get it but man it really bugs me that the joy cons don’t lock in and this could be a problem over time as you take the joy cons in and out of the grip accessory which will make wear/tear. It’s not going to happen overnight but eventually, the joy cons could just slide right out. I really hope this is some type of defective manufacturing or something like that because I’ve reached out and emailed them but haven’t got anything back yet as it is the weekend.

If you’re in the market for a great accessory, then these grips are definitely it but that one big flaw could hurt it, so just be a little cautious about buying it if this isn’t a manufacturing defect.

You can get them at Amazon here for $24.99 or your local retailer August 1st.

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