How to transfer your Vita dumps between your Vita & PC

If you are anything like us at Hackinformer you own a wealthy amount of vita games, especially if you’ve been stockpiling them through PS+. With the latest release of vitamin we are finally given the opportunity to dump as many decrypted games and modify them as we see fit . Though the method of transferring even small small size indies such as Hotline Miami can be long and stressful using FTP. Luckily there is a way to utilize your CMA through a vita connection cable and speed the process up 10 fold.

What you need:

  • PSP Save Data Folder
  • Molecule/Vitashell
  • QCMA/OpenCMA/CMA – any will do

PlayStation Vita to PC:

  1. Locate your dumped game using vitashell/molecule (Usually located in ux0/Vitamin)
  2. 2016-08-31-164955  Press Triangle to rename the file and change it’s extension to ZIP2016-08-31-165209
  3. Then press triangle again and select move

2016-08-31-165249    4. Head over to ux0/pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA and find your PSP save data (You can check the                                             ICON0.PNG to confirm it’s the save file your using) and paste the dumped game in.2016-08-31-165827

5. Connect QCMA on your computer and transfer over the PSP save data holding your VPK/ZIP file. 2016-08-31-170440

6. Now if you head back to your computer and go to (Where ever you set the path to  Applications/Backups to)/Gibberish/PSAVEDATA/(PSP Save Folder)  you should see your VPK in the ZIP format. You can simply place that where you want and change the ZIP extension back to VPK.


PC to Vita:  This method works vice versa as you can transfer any PSP save to your vita as long as the VPK put into the folder has the extension ZIP.

Another method and one I personally use is change my VPKs to MP4s and transfer it using content manager.   The VPK can then be found in ux0/videos using vitashell/molecule.

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I got into the hacking scene rather early in the PSP days but I was young and only really lurked around. Youtuber for Hackinformer: Twitter: @JustTheRennie


  1. Reaaaaally wish I knew about this before today, and after updating henkaku without realizing it gave me PSN access, and I was going into molecule and such while signed in….sigh…

    • As it’s been said many times, no one has ever been banned for using homebrew on their PSP/PS Vita’s so yous hould be fine. On the other hand if you were caught earning trophies from a pirated game….ehhh

      • Wait a sec, i have bought games that i didn’t have the time to play from the cartridge so i dumped the the other day two of them and i installed them in the mem card .. I played for the first mission and i got a trophy ..

        I live in Europe, i have a european account and the game is european … Should i be afraid or not ??

  2. that’s neat, however I have some questions

    “especially if you’ve been stockpiling them through PS+”
    – Will they still expire if you back them up?

    – Can your backups be used on different users?
    Like I have EU and US account, can I move a backup from my EU account to my US account?

    – it’s only digital games for now right?
    because I have a lot retail games I want to backup, so I don’t carry them with me

    • 1.If you dump a PS+ game it will lose it will still be playable after being dumped and lose it’s PS+ Status.

      2. The PS Vita is a region-free device so you can use JPN games on a US vita no problem.

      3. Both physical and digital games can be dumped without any hassle. Only difference is that the physical game must be in the vita while dumping but that’s a given.

  3. Couldn’t you use QCMA, and just Backup the game using the CMA utility on vita?

  4. every time i rename the vpk to mp4 and transfer it the time left keeps going up is that normal?

  5. Can’t find MP4 file when trying to transfer from PC.

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