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PSPEMU Hacked! Calling all developers for help

Hello, everybody, it seems [email protected] made some progress with the native side of ePSP running on HENkaku. Now a release is still far off but he is asking for experienced ePSP/PSP/PS Vita developers to help, here is what he had to say on twitter. 😉 pic.twitter.com/YY7RNlcA6S — TheFloW (@theflow0) September 24, 2016 Now …

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3DS: New browserhax & menuhax exploit for Fw11.0 released!

Hello everyone today I bring you some more 3DS exploit news for FW11.0. Yellows8 has just released a new browserhax & menuhax, so this means for all you on FW11.0 you now will be able to run homebrew once again. Here is the post [email protected]!!! i said there'd be 11.0 exploit news soon, here it …

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