PS4 FW5.53 Kernel Exploit info!!

Hot on the heels of the news that there is homebrew support for 5.05 firmware, we now have knowledge that @Mathieulh has a kernel exploit for 5.53 PS4 official firmware! Let’s take a look at what he said and what that means for all of us.Kernel Exploit

Here is the one and only tweet (in its entirety) that he has made thus far in regards to the kernel exploit.

So as you can see, one of the hashtags that he used had the words “kernel string” in it. Now, if you’re on 4.xx to 5.0x, and you think you can or should update, don’t do it. We say that mainly because this tweet is shrouded in darkness and has a bunch of secrecy behind it. Anyone that has been following Mathieu since his beginnings back in the PSP days knows that if he has something that needs to be used for later, he may tell us, but he does indeed keep it for himself. This is clearly to keep the powers that be from patching whatever he may have found, and it’s smart. This is all evident with his other hashtag stating “Because I can”.

So the point we’re making here is that he has given us no information on it other than this tweet. No ETA, no video of it in action, and nothing as far as what he can actually do with it. The only information we seem to get is that he made note of the kernel string just over a month ago, back in March. My guess is that he’s working hard with SpecterDev and quertyoruiopz to get the homebrew and development tools established for the 5.0x mod coming in a few weeks and that will lay the groundwork for something much greater in the future. I could be wrong, but Mathieu never seems to disappoint everyone and you should follow him on Twitter to support him.

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