PSVita gets FW Update 3.71 to patch exploit Trinity!!

The PSVita has just got firmware update 3.71 to combat against the 3rd PSVita exploit called Trinity. It’s the same old cat and mouse game we here in the vita scene are quite used too. It was just really a matter of time to when Sony would get around to fixing it. So like always don’t update to this FW as I see it there is no reason you would even want too but there will always be those accidents where someone updates it.

Now, this update did not block anything like custom themes, PSTV Whitelist hack, VHBL, or the other pboot bubbles, all of them still work just fine on FW 3.71 but that doesn’t mean you should update as you would lose so much more.

Plus it’s not like we are going to see a bunch of new games since Sony has dropped almost all support for the PSVita/PSTV other than patching exploits. Also, there is still one other exploit for the PSVita but no word on that matter for a while. We will update this post if any other info comes to light about FW 3.71 and its inner workings. But for the time being, don’t update.

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