PSVita: Mr.Gas releases a method to dump files from the Vita file system

The dynamic duo Mr.Gas & Major_Tom, known for their hacks & tricks around the Vita, have just released a method to dump files from the filesystem!

You might remember the support_uri trick to call the pkg installer through the e-mail app via “psgm:open?titleid=NPXS10031“, right?

Well, this new trick is quite similar and allows you to dump files from EVERYWHERE on the Vita, yes even the NAND partition!

This support_uri needs to be called from withhin the e-mail app just like with the pkg installer and consists of 3 parts:

“email:send?attach=ur0:shell/db/app.db.” (support_uri + location of file + a dot at the end)

You can find a very useful list of Vita’s internal files here:…m-listing/

vita email dump

vita dump email
Note: There however are restriction to dump files:
– we are limited to 2MB
– you can’t dump files located far more than 7 directories (like ux0:1/2/3/4/5/6/7.txt

Read more here:

Wow thats Great! … And it’s only the tip of the iceberg! 😉

This pack includes the following tricks :
  – Reading
    – Dump ux0
    – Dump any file (blind)
    – Dump cartridge
  – Writing
    – Write to ux0
    – Write to any partition (except RO partitions, e.g: vs0)
  – Delete
    – Delete in ux0
    – Delete in other partitions
  – All models
    – Custom themes
    – Full bubble customization (PSP/PSVita)
    – Bubble spawning (Hidden apps)
    – ePSP bubble creation (re-birth)
    – Package installation
    – Cartridge backup installation
    – Free trophies
  – PSTV
    – Run unplayable games
  – Registry edition
    – Switch PSN account
    – Make CMA backups for anyone (without linked PSN account)
    – Fake region
    – Semi-debug
That’s all for now, some new tricks might come sooner or later, feel free to share your findings too !

Major_Tom and mr.gas


I never wrote an article in a hurry like today and I may forgot most of what I wanted to include.. but THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG!

The full release with everything mentioned in the pack will be released soon, together with tools and lots of Tutorials! So stay tuned!!


vita dump 2

What can I do in the meantime?

Well you could take a look at your personal app.db file which Mr.Gas mentioned in his release.. 😉




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  1. First
    This can lead to piracy…
    Dumping and writing…. afaik
    But I cud be wrong tho

    • Of course it can. Any exploit anyone produces could eventually lead to piracy. It’s ultimately in the hands of the users.

      As far as i know no one has circumvented the licensing issue of vita games yet. At least if they have it isn’t public knowledge yet. If you’ve messed around with transferring/editing the file system of your vita at all i’m sure you’ve run into licensing errors when making bubbles. Only way to fix them is to re-transfer the game/redownload via QCMA or the PS3 trick.

  2. what firmware does this trick work on ?

  3. Whoa this is VERY interesting, even though I don’t quite understand what most of the things listed actually do. I was considering updating recently but now I don’t think I will. Just to be clear this is rejuvenate right?

    • no this is an independent trick, rejuvenate just works on 3.51 and below this works on 3.52 too, and this uses the e-mail app, rejuvenate uses psm.

  4. Any chance for this to work on 1.61? I know where to get my hands on a unit.

  5. OH MY GOD, a method to play unplayable games on PS TV!!!! FINALLY

    • What would the point of that be though? Aren’t games that simply won’t work due to missing hardware (I.E. touchscreen) the reason Sony doesn’t allow them to be played on the PSTV? Do they also block games just because why not or something?

      • No, only a handful of games wouldn’t work at all. A lot of them are patched in Japan but not the West. The way it works is games are whitelisted if they’re okay, rather than blacklisted if they’re not, despite the fact many are perfectly playable.

      • A lot of things that aren’t whitelisted are a little ridiculous, like the Netflix app for example.

      • The ps tv emulates the back and front touchscreen with L3 and R3

  6. Woah!! So if I understand correctly, it’s not possible to do much because of the 2mb limit? Like backuping game cartridge .. no games are smaller than 2mb?

    • Pretty sure that method does it over ftp or via a connection to your pc through the web browser exploit that still works on 3.52, there is no way you can possibly attach a large file and email it but it has been proven to be possible so don’t go doubting it 😉


  8. Unplayable games ? You mean PSVita games ?

  9. Just curious, but did you come into this scene super late or something? Like a week around 3.52’s launch?

  10. I’m totally new to this scene and I am so hyped up for all these awesome new updates and happenings…

    There will be a guide that’ll show a noob like me what’s up when all the 3.52 hacks are released, right? I hope so… It all looks so cool, but I never even messed around with PSP CFW.

  11. my ps vita is not activated with psn, will this trick help me play my own backups or fake activate (activate without updating or ps3)

  12. Hmm, I wonder if this can be used to re-enable PSM on 3.52. I also have a big question about this. I was told that the NAND has two firmwares saved on it. The one you’re currently using, and the previously installed one as a backup in case of a “disaster”. I went straight from 3.15 to 3.52 after getting my Vita. (I wasn’t interested in Homebrew at first) If PSM can’t be re-enabled on 3.52 using this method, which sounds silly because this will re-enable the package installer, would we be able to force load the “backup” firmware? In my case, 3.15? Then I could manually update to one of the “golden” firmwares?

  13. can play free game on psvita???

  14. Make CMA backups for anyone (without linked PSN account)
    I can play the game of others through backup ? not the same account ? this is really interesting.

  15. good hack i dont need a game to run emualtor and install my ps vita game on to my vita. and swap account what i want sony to add they never did

  16. No hyper link for fw 3.52 email:send?attach=ur0:Shell/dB/app.db.

    I send thunderbird , web, iOS, and Vita and no hyper link visible
    Anyone help?
    Tested gmail and hotmail