DragonBall Xenoverse new images!

Namco Bandai has released in the past few hours juicy new images that will appeal to all fans of Dragon Ball. In recent weeks I have spoken here of my theory about the history of this new product and apparently it seems that Namco is giving me reason!!

I would like to draw your attention to this photo 3

All of you will say, “Well? Is Trunks you idiot!” Ok you’re right… Maybe! Now look at this other photo


Do you see anything familiar????? 😀 according to some details emerged through the same Namco Bandai, the guy with the red hair and the scouter would have the opportunity to interact in all the key events in the history of Goku and company and if you read my article you will understand what I mean! Now I leave you with a gallery of images that I have collected for you and a recommendation…

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