Backwards compatibility hints: PS2 games on PS4?

Good news everyone!

PlayStation 4 might receive backwards compatibility on PlayStation 2 games, or at least that’s the rumor! The assumption comes from the site PlayStationLifeStyle, sharing some images from the Beta firmware 3.00, arriving on Sony’s latest console. Here we present some rather eloquent screenshots:ps2 ps41

We also wrote about this subject before the SCEJA Press Conference 2015. As Pan European Game Information Board (PEGI) similar to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) put up some new ratings for a few games which you can read that here.ps2 on ps4 2ps2 on ps4 1
Obviously, in absence of official confirmation on the matter, I invite you to wait for new updates.

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Font: PlayStationLifeStyle

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  1. Only baclup? i would play kh 2

  2. would it be able to play ps2 discs

  3. even if it’s true or fake, everything seems to lead to BC games from the store only…. so PS2 games that were made for non hardware BC PS3 systems via PSN. I rather just slide in my disc and play my game that way. REAL BC or nothing.

  4. You’ll never get disc BC simply bc it would literally take putting a PS2 in the PS4. We all know there isn’t one in there

    • ThePS4 could Rip an image of the disk and use that for software emulation. It’s not a technical problem. We all know why sony won’t do it!

  5. hope I can play Beatmania IIDX on PS4

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