PSVita: VHBL bubble using the ONEMenu

Most of you have tried or at least heard of the ONEMenu for Ark or TN-V and especially since the 3.50 fw update took away write access to the game folder. The ONEMenu helped solve that problem by being able to install zip files and write to the VHBL folder.ONEMENU Vfinal

The ONEMenu is by our good friend gdljjrod, once again he was able to adapt this menu to VHBL. He has also been working on adding more functions to the ONEMenu seen in this tweet below.

We are still testing it out to make sure it will work for all VHBL exploits and not just the bubble VHBLs. So here’s a quick video of it in action..

If you like gdljjrod ONEMenu.. You can make a donation to him here:

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  1. Could you please post under your work a link for newbies what they have to do this will function or to understand which presets have to been done before?
    Personally I don’t understand how this should function 🙁

    And in
    I don’t understand why it is required to have played / generated sth. from the store (app key etc.)

  2. The only reason i’m not using Onemenu currently is because it broke my plugin manager. So I hope plugin support is as smooth as it looks.