3DS: Pokemon Neo Y & X

Most fans of this series are probably familiar with red, blue and yellow versions for the Gameboy. These games served the purpose of introducing basic RPG elements to the masses. While these games may see primitive, they were portable and further planted the success of Pokemon.

Every new generation of Pokemon games added more Pokemon and added new RPG elements slowly over time. You had to learn to use different Pokemon types, offensive and defensive strategies, weaknesses and strengthens of attributes,  engage in level-up systems and master them, evolutions, use a variety of healing items, 2 vs 2 battles, online battles, trading Pokemon with other players and so much more. Before you knew it you had learned and appreciated the RPG games Japan was so well known for. It was official… Pokemon was a hit!


With the latest installment on the 3DS, Nintendo released Pokemon X & Y. You were put into a true 3D environment and no longer the overview players were accustomed to. Compared to previous games you had new social features, beautiful animations, brand new 3D Pokemon models, new Mega evolutions and each pokemon’s personality felt more lifelike than ever. Pokemon developer Gamefreak had done a massive overhaul and had good critical reviews all around. Just like previous versions, you needed both games to collect them all. This has proven to be one of the best marketing techniques done in gaming.  Pokemon X & Y had become the fasting selling 3DS games on the system with over 10 million copies sold to date! Every Pokemon game almost always had a limited edition portable console to go with all those sales!!


While I enjoyed all the new features and things, something was missing… I wanted a game with a harder difficulty and themes more suited to my current tastes. I’m not the only one who thought this and out of all these needs and wants, Pokemon Neo X & Y was born! Pokemon Neo X & Y is one of the first mods for 3DS games and has everything I have been looking for! 🙂 Sense of humor with new story elements, harder difficulty, remove trade evolving restrictions and more!

For a while the game had a bug that would break the game and I had to wait until a more stable version was available for the mass audiences to use and appreciate. Thanks to Smoke (Known for the big psp homebrew thread) all of you can finally experience this mod to the fullest! Details on how to install and play the mod can be found here.


Team Hackinformer signing out!

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  1. Thanks for the plug man, appreciated!

  2. Awesome article man. I’ve read some of your blog posts and this one especially caught my eye. I own damn near all Pokémon games. I’ll have to give this mod a try one day. Keep up the good work 😀

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