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Preorders open for New Nintendo Switch Modchip from Team Rebug

Developer Aboshi2011 of Team Rebug has been working on a new modchip for the Nintendo Switch called Switchme for a few months. After a few hiccups with the prototypes, they finally have a working modchip.This modchip has been tested with RCM strapping, hardware auto RCM, and software RCM. Aboshi2011 reports that it’s much easier …

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New PS3 Rebug Firmware 4.65.1 Cobra 7.02

As you might remember, we recently gave you good news about Team Rebug returning back, stronger than ever. http://hackinformer.com/2014/10/22/team-rebug-back-from-the-grave/ What we expected came true and Team Rebug has a new firmware ready. Rebug 4.65.1 combined with Cobra 7.02. Team Rebug is known for stable firmwares and introducing debug capabilities to our retail consoles. …

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