PS3: Official – Rebug 4.78.1-REX/D-REX with COBRA 7.2 released

Yes, you are reading the title completely right, shortly after the PS3 received Firmware 4.78 Team REBUG was able to get their hands on a 4.78 DEX Firmware and provide us with a new release their awesome CFW.


They added some new awesome features to their CFW and now they officially added support for XMBM+, updated WebMan Mod to version 1.43.25 (which fixed a few bugs) and improved features. Also, Rebug Toolbox got updated to Version 2.02.09 which added the Toggle XMB CFW settings, but now for something extremely useful and awesome. They added XMB CFW settings v0.1a by mysis (modified by littlebalup & aldostools) which adds lots of useful stuff and lets people remarry their BD drives without the need to downgrade their PS3s. Just a simple list of the features:


 * XMB Icons for nice cfw tasks, nicely listed in network column
 * XMB-Actions without the need for webbrowser for each step
 * Simply select and its executed!
 * No Thread waiting for controller input! 
 * No additional CPU time stolen!
 * BD Remarry without downgrading!
 * Enter Factory Service Mode up to latest Firmware without Dongle!

For a more detailed list of features please have a look at the release thread

This CFW is only for PS3 Models up to 2,5k. Newer Slim Models and Super Slim are NOT Supported! And of course, you will need to have a CFW already installed or be on 3.55 to install this CFW!

The Download link for the CFW can be found on the bottom of the Post on as always 🙂

Installation method is the same as any other CFW/MFW/OFW.
Just make a Folder called PS3 on the root of your USB and in that folder make a folder called UPDATE. Just copy the Rebug 4.78.1 in there and rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP. Then just plug your USB into your PS3 and update via USB.

After installation, the Webman, Cobra mode and XMB CFW Settings will be disabled. You will have to activate it by using these Steps:
1. Go to the Package installer and install the 02.02.09 Rebug Toolbox which is copied to your HDD after installing Rebug 4.78.1
2. Install Rebug Toolbox 02.02.09 and launch it.
3. If you want Cobra, Webman and XMB CFW Settings you need to enable all three settings. After that, just exit and your PS3 will restart.
You now have Webman, Cobra and XMB CFW Settings enabled 🙂

If you want to support Team Rebug you can donate to them via:
BitCoin: 135BfndVavuTmynwvMaJTg7i57CQehBBHR

If any of you have access to upcoming DEX Firmware please get in contact with Team REBUG.
If they can get multiple sources for DEX they can release faster.

Now that this REBUG release happened so fast I’m rather excited to see how Sony will react. Normally when a new REBUG CFW gets released the PS3 Firmware gets updated really fast but maybe we’ll be lucky this time and can enjoy REBUG 4.78.1. As always big thanks to everyone involved in creating the REBUG CFW 🙂


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