PS3: Official Rebug 4.81-REX/D-REX with COBRA 7.31 released

Yep. Shortly before Christmas Team Rebug gifts us a new Version of their Rebug CFW now with Firmware Version 4.81 which allows online play without spoofers again and some simple additions and fixes ^^

Here’s the full Changelog:

This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.
(More information found via New for 4.81)
FSELF compatibility on CEX mode
(Faked Signed ELF can now be used on both CEX and DEX modes.)
webMAN MOD 1.45.04
(Added support for 4.81 CFW)
COBRA 7.31 Added
(Syscall 15 and improved stage0 base payload)

For a full List of REBUGs Features please have a look at the original Blog Post.

This CFW is only for PS3 Models up to 2,5k. Newer Slim Models and Super Slim are NOT Supported! And of course, you will need to have a CFW already installed or be on 3.55 to install this CFW!

The Download link for the CFW can be found on the bottom of the Post on as always ?
If you want to install REBUG on a CEX(Retail) PS3 System you will need the REX version. If you want to install REBUG on a DEX(Debug) PS3 System you will need the D-REX version.

Installation method is the same as for any other CFW/MFW/OFW. Just make a folder named “PS3” without the quotation marks on the root of a USB Stick. Make sure that the USB is Fat32 formatted or the PS3 won’t be able to read it. Next create a folder called “UPDATE” also without quotation marks inside the PS3 Folder. Next just copy the REBUG CFW you just download into the UPDATE Folder and rename the file to PS3UPDAT.PUP. At last just plug the USB into your PS3 and update via USB ^^

After installation, Webman, Cobra mode and XMB CFW Settings will be disabled. You will have to activate it by using these Steps:
1. Go to the Package installer and install the 02.02.11 Rebug Toolbox which is copied to your HDD after installing Rebug 4.81.1
2. Install Rebug Toolbox 02.02.11 and launch it.
3. If you want Cobra, Webman and XMB CFW Settings you need to enable all three settings. After that, just exit and your PS3 will restart.
You now have Webman, Cobra and XMB CFW Settings enabled 🙂

If you want to support Team Rebug you can donate to them via:
BitCoin: 13fK34UuxdxLq6zUqmpDddUjdzELfg8tw4

If any of you have access to upcoming DEX Firmware please get in contact with Team REBUG.
If they can get multiple sources for DEX they can release faster.

I hope Sony will just let this stay for a while again so that we can enjoy going online and being on the latest Firmware for a few Month again before we need to use Spoofers again or wait for Team Rebug to release a new Version of their CFW ^^


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  1. This just sounds wonderful. I’ve never had this ps3 online. This is my 4th ps3 over the years and have been on psn since the dawn of 3.55, which was along time age lol. So far rebug is the best cfw I’ve run across.

  2. Can someone tell me how to get online with this cfw, I’m running cex.

  3. Youtube won’t tell me or I’m not looking hard enough

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