New PS3 Rebug Firmware 4.65.1 Cobra 7.02


As you might remember, we recently gave you good news about Team Rebug returning back, stronger than ever.


What we expected came true and Team Rebug has a new firmware ready. Rebug 4.65.1 combined with Cobra 7.02. Team Rebug is known for stable firmwares and introducing debug capabilities to our retail consoles. Combined with powerful ISO loading abilities of Cobra firmwares, i can easily say it is the best cfw out there.

Firmware is available as both REX and D-REX versions. If you don’t know the difference, choose REX. In short REX firmware gives debug abilities to CEX (retail) consoles while D-REX is for debug consoles or for consoles converted to debug from retail.

As always, download the firmware from official sources (, read instructions carefully and check the MD5 of the downloaded PUP before install.

A few tips: I love Bluray and DVD ISO loading features of Cobra firmwares. Especially combined with NTFS HDD support. Also since 4.60 PS3 firmware, you can sync your Dualshock 4 to PS3 for wireless use. There is a few problems but still worth a try.

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