Rebug 4.75.2 with 4.76 Spoofer released

As the Title says Team Rebug released a new Version of their awesome Rebug CFW with a integrated 4.76 spoofer, new Toolbox Version v.02.02.06 and Webman Mod v.1.43.02 REBUG EDITION

This CFW is only for PS3 Models up to 2,5k. Newer Slim Models and Super Slim are NOT Supported! And of course you will need to have a CFW already installed or be on 3.55 to install this CFW!
Installation method is the same as any other CFW/MFW/OFW.
Just make a PS3 Folder on your USB and in that folder make a folder called UPDATE. Just copy the Rebug 4.75.2 in there and rename it to UPDAT.PUP. Then just plug your USB into your PS3 and update via USB 🙂

After installation, the Webman and Cobra mode will be dissabled. You will have to activate it by using these Steps:
1.Download Rebug Toolbox 02.02.06 Full Edition and copy it on your USB root or packages folder.( Your USB has to be FAT32 formatted) or FTP it to your PS3. You can also just go to Package installer and install the Normal 02.02.06 Rebug Toolbox which is already on your HDD after installing Rebug 4.75.2
2.Install Rebug Toolbox 02.02.06 and launch it.
3.If you want to spoof your PS3 to 4.76 change System Mode to REBUG and If you want Cobra and Webman also enable both Settings. After that just exit and your PS3 will restart.
You now have a 4.76 Spoof (If you activated it) Webman and Cobra 🙂
If you want the Full Webman Mod 1.43.02 you can download the PKG here. After downloading just copy to your USB root or packages folder and install via Rebugs package manager and then launch the updater.

If you want to support Team Rebug you can donate to them via BitCoin:135BfndVavuTmynwvMaJTg7i57CQehBBHR

They are also searching for People having Insider access to PS3 Debug FWs so If you want to help them contact them 🙂
ps3 rebug spoof

Source: Rebug

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  1. Rebug 4.75.3 is released and fixed a bug that plagued 4.75.1 and 4.75.2 users.

  2. cant unban my ps3…is a ps3 slim,ferrox 4.76.. i have idps and apsid… help please

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