3DS: Nintendo Announces standard size New 3DS system for USA

It seems everything is getting a new paint job every month and the New 3DS is no different as Nintendo has announced the standard size New 3DS for the US. Microsoft and Sony have been announcing Limited Edition consoles left and right. While I enjoy my Limited Edition 3DS, I’ve always liked the options JPN/EU had. To my surprise the Big N had announced an Animal Crossing Bundle and also a Zelda Bundle; these options should be appealing to some. Even if you’re not fan of the designs, the face plates are removable and interchangeable. These are great options for people not wanting to import New 3DS systems from other regions and not worry about the region lock. Face plates are cheaper than buying a whole new system and if you have a 3D printer you’re golden.



Customization is just one the nice features you get with the standard sized New 3DS. Believe or not, the XL actually stretches the resolution to make the image bigger. The standard New 3DS has a cleaner and crisper screen because of its native size. The portability factor is also another sought after feature and you can even buy the current JPN/EUR face plates on amazon right now.

I would recommend getting your favorites before they sell out! I believe scalpers are on the move and if you wish to pre order these bundles get on them quick. The Animal Crossing Bundle can be found here and the Zelda bundle here.


If you want to take the extra step and want a custom case. Etsy user “whataboutki” has amazing selection of 3DS cases that range from Earthbound to Pokemon. 🙂 You can find his shop here. I’ve personally had a great shopping experience at Etsy and there’s even a mobile app for iOS and android as well.


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