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Game Review: SUPERHOT Mind Control Delete

Today’s review is a sequel of sorts to SUPERHOT. SUPERHOT:Mind Control Delete (SUPERHOT Team, $24.99) is being released as its own standalone game. It’s not a VR game like the previous release. Instead it is able to be downloaded and played on its own. That’s right, you don’t have to …

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WWDC 2020 iOS Announcements

Another summer has come and Apple has had another developer’s conference. They discussed new features of the next iOS and other OS’s. We’re going to specifically covering iOS in this article. We cover phone jailbreaks more than anything else Apple does. If you’re interested in also finding out about iPadOS, …

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Tencent Security Conference iPhone Hardware Virtualization

We recently reported that the Tencent Security conference was happening in China and talked about the fact that the PS4 was running Linux at the conference. All kinds of things have been shown off so far including 0-days from AT&T’s Gateway boxes as well as what we’re going to talk …

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