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Hardware Review: Everdrive GBA Mini from Krikzz

Now that Krikzz and crew are back up and running again, I decided it was high time to seek them out about a product review. They mentioned that they were set up in a new location and that they had products being listed on their site. I asked them if …

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Releases: SX OS 2.9.1, 2.9.2

Just a little over a week ago Team Xecuter released the 2.9 version of their SX OS CFW. This was a highly requested piece of “firmware” because it finally was compatible with the Switch’s 9.0.0 update. However, while it worked for some, it was broken for most. We released our …

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Stepmania for Nintendo Switch

I know, I know, most of you don’t play DDR anymore if you ever did. Well, some of us old dudes did play it and we’re always stoked when there’s a new way to do so. Well recently, a kind soul by the name of p_sam ported Stepmania 5 to …

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Downgrade your 3.71/3.72 Vita!

Usually, there is a pre-amble here. A section to roughly explains what the article you’re reading is about to be about. It’s something more than a headline, something less than a paragraph. Well today, we’re going to breeze over this part because the headline is enough and I’m sure you’re …

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