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The Last Of Us … PS4!!!

Yes you read that correctly…After all this time the epic cinematic experience known as The Last Of Us will be making its way to the PS4 . I know personally that game is probably one of the better stories I’ve ever experienced in a video game. A lot of other people …

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Psvita TV: Compatible Game List

This actually serves as a perfect prelude to my upcoming article on the Vita TV. I’ll save the rants for the time being, but this ‘whitelist’ comes directly from Sony and was updated only a few hours ago. Keep in mind when they list a game as (EN) what the …

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Total_Noob’s savestate plugin released

Total_Noob has released, his savestate plugin for his masterpiece TN-V. So if you’re unfamiliar with the savestate plugin, it allows you to save your whole game and load it anytime and anywhere in the game.Pretty cool if you ask me! Even if you’re on one game you can load up another game and it will bring you right to …

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