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Total_Noob’s savestate plugin released

Total_Noob has released, his savestate plugin for his masterpiece TN-V. So if you’re unfamiliar with the savestate plugin, it allows you to save your whole game and load it anytime and anywhere in the game.Pretty cool if you ask me! Even if you’re on one game you can load up another game and it will bring you right to …

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Sony CES 2014 Update

Well, those of us excited by the prospect of a Vita TV or 2K Vita announcement for the US at this year’s CES are just going to have to wait longer. Nothing. Nada. Zip. While disappointing, Sony did have some rather cool news for gamers in the form of PlayStation …

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Release of TN-V 7.2

This week is a coding week for Total_Noob. That’s why he brought so many updates since the release of TN-V4. This one is probably the last update and further more he really has no time for coding. Also, he won’t go through the forum to read the bugs and problems anymore. …

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What happen to the PlayStop Network?

What is the PlayStop Network it is a homebrew version of PSN. It allows you to download VHBL and CEF (TN-V) Homebrew, Emulators and Application, that ready to be transferred right to your psvita with open cma. It is every similar to PSN, only on your PC but downloading homebrews …

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New Fixes for Megamix + King of Pool 3.01

It look’s like there has been a lot of updating going of with TN-V5 and now we have TN-V6 with plugin’s installer. qwikrazor87  has been hard at work fixing  101-in-1 Megamix and King of Pool, so everyone to enjoy TN-V this Holiday Season. “This should hopefully fix the issue for …

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Release of TN-V6 & Plugin installer

“Total_Noob hasn’t taken a rest – on the contrary, He has worked hard on a new update for you guys! This update brings you many pretty features, many bug fixes and also, now you have got a ‘Plugin installer’ included in the recovery menu! In the package, there are some …

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