Share Play features on PS4 games can be block by Developers

New reports have been coming in that the new Share Play feature would work with all PS4 games, but Sony has clarified that game developers can restrict the feature, as Activision has done in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


“Share Play is a system level feature enabled by System Software Update 2.00, making it available for all PS4 titles,” a Sony representative said in a statement provided to Ars. “However the option is available to developers to disable the feature according to what they feel will best benefit the consumer experience.”

A new statement contradicts an FAQ published by Gamespot last week, which cited a Sony representative as saying that Share Play would work across all PS4 games, with no option for publishers or developers to block support. So who really knows how many developers and publishers will start to restrict Share Play on their game titles, like Activision did with COD Advanced Warefare.

“On the one hand, Share Play lets two PS4 owners play a game that’s only been purchased by one player, which can be seen as eating into potential sales. On the other hand, playing a game in this manner has its share of annoyances, including a 60-minute time limit on individual sharing sessions. Being able to briefly try out a friend’s game over the Internet could be seen as a form of free advertising that may lead to increased “word-of-mouth” sales. Now like all big company’s they want control and if they don’t have it you may not see that title on the PS4. So it’s hard to say were this Share Play feature may go in the future, only time will tell.


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