Gamestick: How to install nesoid, and set it up!!!

Hello all this is riddle43 back to help you all install nesoid or pretty much any of the (old) emulators on your gamestick running in development mode, if you haven’t done that yet go here

Then come back.
Now you will need a few things to start with,
1) Gamestick in development mode & gamestick controller

2) Y- cable comes with the gameatick

3) Micro SD card

4) USB mouse

5) And your apps, roms, and bios files you wish to install

Now that you have all of that make a folder on your micro sd card called apps and one called roms put all of the .apk files in your apps folder and your roms in the roms folder.

DSCF1274 DSCF1275 DSCF1276

To make it easy make separate folders for each emulater you plan to use also place needed bios files in the corresponding folders if needed.
Now plug in your mouse to your Y- cable and start your gamestick.
Next with the mouse find your appinstaller and click it.
It will find the apps you wish to install for this we will be doing nesoid.apk find it click it. Then select package installer and install it, now open the file you just installed. Once get into the nesoid emulator, press your scroll wheel to bring up the settings in the bottom middle of the screen. Click on settings, then audio & video settings change scaling mode to what you like and aspect ratio to what you like. Click on accurate rendering (this is needed for punch out) then right mouse click to go back one screen.

Now go to input settings unclick virtual keypad then click key mappings. Click the button you wish to set your gamestick controller buttons too when done click right mouse button 3 times. Find your external_sdcard for your roms folder and find a game to play and bam!!!! your playing your old school nes games on the gamestick.
To leave your game and select a new one press the scroll wheel again select more and then close it should bring you back to your games.
This is the way all the (oid) emulators work but if you have any questions please or refer to the video I have posted or feel free to as me here or on twitter @riddle43

Thank you for your time and happy gaming

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