How to Root & get Apk Files on the $17 Android GameStick

Great news, my friends, believe it or not, Playjam has freed the GameSticks!! They opened away to convert our “consumer” GameSticks to what they call the “developer” GameStick in a simple firmware update.


— Developer mode has a controller-friendly launcher, with full root access, file manger and apk installer..


You CANNOT access the GameStick store while on Dev software. You wont be able to download the games you purchased from the GameStick store anymore.

You cannot back them up either. Just keep in mind the process is fully reversible and just as easy. Once back on consumer software, access to the GameStick store will be restored.

On a sidenote:  Those who are lucky enough to still have root access on their consumer-grade GameSticks and who bought games might want to back them up (Using ES File Explorer or something else) before converting their sticks, as these apks are specially modified to work with the controllers and as so, might be of some value. (You can share with me guys)

/// Think we should have got this all along?
/// It is worth noting it appears that Jasper, PDG of PlayJam, pretends this was made available at launch. — MY ARSE!! — But anyway. I’m too tired of this shyt to argue.


What to do:

1- Register on their dev portal; select Activate developer stick;  they’ll give you a special code.

2- Input the code into your GameStick as instructed; a newer version of the software will be downloaded:  0.9.2058 —> 0.9.3062

3- Press A to install and reboot;

4- No number 4! You’re already done!

You’ll get the new DEV launcher, a file browser, an apk installer to scan any apks you might have on the Stick itself (pretty unlikely with a fresh install ;)) or the microSD card.. everything you need.

Now get busy sideloading stuff!! =)wpid-img_20141113_163221.jpg

One last thing; those looking to install Google Play and the Gapps can use this tutorial;

Hope that helped!!

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  1. What about the custom firmware 1.4 image that available for this device.

    Is that worth installing?

  2. I’m doing everythink but stuck on searching for update, need help on this convert to dev,

  3. Hi, Have my gamestick in dev mode and side loaded the google play going through the tutorials. I can not seem to get the controller to work with games downloaded from Google play. Can you help me?

    • hackinformer

      alot of games will only work with remapping apps and some pick up the gamestick controller and some don’t. try bluetooth controller app. You also can try the sixaxis app with ds3 or ds4 playstation controller..

  4. will i still be able to play the games from the store i already have installled if i go into dev mode

  5. kaitlin kaschak

    ok so i hacked my gamestick using the guide in this link

    i also have google playstore how ever if i go into settings and then storage it tells me i have internal storage 3.63GB and an internal internal SD CARD 2.14GB it also shows my 2 gig micro sd card that i used to hack the gamestick why does it show that i have an internal sd card and how do i fix this because i have 3.63 gigs of internal space that i cant use

    • hackinformer

      think of your phone’s memory and how it internally and stores things that’s why that internal four gig is there. It was something that bothered me too but I got over it.