Travel to Worlds Beyond with Extrasolar!

Hello everyone,its Riddle43 back at you with another game for review. So have you ever wanted to pilot your own rover on an alien planet? Discover things no earthly person has ever see before all while sitting in the safely of your home? 


Well Lazy 8 Studios has you covered, Extrasolar is a big game created by a surprisingly small team, led by Rob Jag — the developer behind the multi-award-winning puzzle game Cogs. Other contributors include Jonathan Le Plastrier, Brendan Mauro (Cogs), Ryan Williams (Second Life), Lucas J.W. Johnson (The Time Tribe), Keith Turkowski (Everquest) and other talented individuals who have collectively put time into the game’s extensive universe.

Lazy 8 Studios is an independent game studio in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2008, Lazy 8 is committed to making high-quality games that broke the barriers of traditional game genres. 

As you slowly move your rover across the alien landscape you start to get the feeling that things are not as they appear. The tools at your disposal are a 2.8 Megapixel still cam, a 6 wheeled rover, and a support team here on earth to help you along on your mission of discovery.



While searching for life on this other planets, you are given tasks to complete for XRI in the forms of emails and video messages. While your curiosity will defiantly lead you in other directions of exploration. This game is very immersive and time intensive, but no worries you don’t need to sit and wait. You’ll receive emails from XRI letting you know when you have completed a task, or when new ones are available.


The nice part of this game is that it is web based, so you access it from your web- browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are recommend. I found it to work well with phone web-browsers too, as well not needing a powerful computer. So it makes it accessible for virtually everyone.


I would recommend this game to anyone with the dreams and desires to seek out the unknown in space. I have found this game to be very pleasing and well thought out, in a way we don’t get much of. So I hope you give it a shot and enjoy it as much as I have.

Thanks for your time and if you want to pick up a copy for yourself head to Also if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them here or follow me @riddle43 on twitter and

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