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HowTo: Install ‘hShop’ the ‘FreeShop’ Alternative for 3DS.

For those who have been in the 3DS scene for a while, you may have been aware of the homebrew application called FreeShop. It’s for those with a modded 3DS who need to download games from the eShop. There are several legal reasons why someone would want to do this, …

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(Physcial) Game Review: Fragrant Story for 3DS

Today we’re discussing one of the very final 3DS games to ever release physically. That game is Fragrant Story from Squire Games. Even if they don’t have any more by the time you read this, maybe they’ll make more. Or maybe you can buy a reseller’s copy from eBay or …

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Software Release: Checkpoint 3.8.0 for 3DS/Switch

For the first time in what seems like a long time (2 years), we’ve got another Checkpoint release. We’ll discuss what Checkpoint is, why you should use it, what’s new, and how to install it. Let’s do the damn thing! What is Checkpoint: A fast and simple homebrew save manager …

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First Userland Exploit for 3DS, Bannerbomb 3 Out Now!

Long live the 3DS! It’s clear that the 3DS has so much more to find if we kept looking. The creator of Bannerbomb3 (zoogie) was doing just that when he stumbled upon the 3DS’ first userland exploit. It’s an exciting feeling whenever a new anything is found for any device. …

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Luma3DS 10 (and 10.0.1) Released!

So well after a year of being dormant, Luma3DS is back with a huge major update. You’ll also see in the title that I mentioned that 10.0.1 has also released. The Luma3DS 10 is the major revision and the 10.0.1 is the same just with a quick hotfix built in. …

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Snickerstream-Screen Sharing/Capture Application for 3DS/2DS

Stop! Just stop right now! Do not pay that crazy amount of money that you’re about to pay to have your 3DS hardmodded with tech that will allow you to hook your 3DS into your PC and capture gameplay footage. There just is no need for that my friend, keep …

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