Retro gaming

Doom for PSVita in progress

After a week of work, a /talk user meetpatty announces he’s working on porting Doom to PS Vita and outlines the current situation. A month after the release of Rejuvenate, one of the most iconic video games, is finally running natively on PS Vita, as a port of Doom-PSP, being ported by meetpatty using vita2dlib. Here’s …

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RealBoy Vita emulator released (UPDATED)

Xerpi is at it again and after releasing FTPVita and CHIP-8 emulator VITA-8, he brings us first native GB/CGB/SGB emulator for PS Vita. Just a few hours ago we informed you about SMOKE’s native NES emulator NES4Vita, and now xerpi(FTPVita, VITA-8) released his GameBoy/GameBoy Color/Super Game Boy emulator called RealBoy …

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