Even more RetroArch Cores are now available!

A few days back, fellow blogger DarthSternie posted that libretro added a core to RetroArch for the Citra emulator. Darth also talked about how to get the cores. You can find that article here of course. Well anyway, today, we’re back with more news about RetroArch and how they’re blazing the emulation scene with new cores. We’re simply going to talk about which fantastic new cores have been added since, in the link above, DarthSternie already talked about how to add cores to your setup (thanks, Darth!).

First up, in chronological order of course, we have the core for the Dreamcast emulator, “ReDream” by dev inolen. It’s a newer emulator, but libretro recommends that we all support the dev and the emulator rather than reiCast as that emulator is years old and has not been updated in years. If you would like to help support inolen moving forward, his website is here. This core is only supported by Linux and Windows, libretro stresses to Mac users to not give up hope yet and that they are working tirelessly on support (it comes down to the semantics of OpenGL).

The second core is an interesting one to say the least. Developer XProger is working on an open source Tomb Raider engine. It will be for several reasons, but if someone told me that people can just start designing and uploading PS1 style Tomb Raider levels for me to play, I had no idea that my heart would start racing. And now, it’s coming to RetroArch. It’s still in some infant stages, but once it’s fully operational we could be seeing all kinds of levels and probably even mods to levels (Tony Hawk x Lara Croft would be awesome). Even though this isn’t an emulator per se, the core still works the same as any of the other cores. This too is only usable on Windows and Linux, if you were wondering at all. If you would like to check out more details of the individual project, you can head on over to XProger’s page by clicking here. If you are on the fence about his project, at least try out the awesome online demo that he has up on his site.

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Source: Libretro

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