Flash News: EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.01 released, Features faster patching

After the Kernel Update to 2.0 just a week ago which introduced automatic ROM patching to the EZ-Flash IV the Devs are back with the next update which features improved patching and now saves a .pat patch file so that the 2nd time you launch a game it can directly patch the game.

This reduces the loading time drastically compared to previously having to patch the game every single time you started it.


Here’s the official changelog and an Overview of the Difference in game boot times:

“We’d improved the patch engine,  a patch data will be generated after game’s first launch, it will skip the patch process for the future using.

We made a little test for the new patch engine. The 1st run equals kernel 2.00.

size                 1st run                 2nd run               type
32Mbits        27 seconds          9 seconds            PSRAM
64Mbits        51 seconds          18 seconds          PSRAM
128Mbits      100 seconds       33 seconds          PSRAM
256Mbits      851 seconds       652 seconds        NORFLASH

The AP patch of known games is implemented. some needs press L + A to launch to get the effect.

Any issues please post to the below discussion board.”

So how do I update my EZ Flash IV?
Download the new Firmware from their official website.
Extract the .zip file and copy the ezfla_up.bin to your SDCard.
Now when the EZ Flash IV starts hold R to update the Kernel.

Now the only thing that’s still requested of the community is automatic soft reset patching for games. If that will be done then this will surely make the EZ Flash IV more attractive.

Source: Fast6191 (GBATemp)

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