PSVita Easy Pboot Injector Updated with Sign NP & Compression

wpid-20150118_231931-1.jpgJust the other day our friend Skiller released a easy to use pboot injector. Well he back at it again, with a update to the easy to use pboot injector.

Skiller has added sign NP which a lot of us have problems with and a compression option. To help make it that much easier for us, to make those custom bubbles for the psvita. He also has set it up, to where your version key dumps into MAIN->KEYS. Here how the TNVbubble.bat and SIGN.bat work.


  • Drop EBOOT.PBP onto Bat to make TNV BUBBLE FILES
  •  Copy ECFW01234 to your game save directory on your Vita.


  •  Put your base game’s eboot in this folder.
  • Rename EBOOT.PBP to NP.PBP
  • Open the SignCFIG.txt file. set your compression to either 0 for
  • compression or 1 for no compression. Save and close.
  • Drop your ISO on to SIGNNP.bat
  • Check the FIXGAME folder for your new EBOOT.PBP

Download: Easy Pboot ID Maker

Download: New+PBOOTS.rar

Credit for this goes Skiller.

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  1. Thank you for his help and his determination to helped which are beginning to

  2. Newb ALERT! Just managed to buy myself a new 1000. When going through the initial setup, I can link my PSN ID to the vita but in order to sign in with it, it asks me to update the firmware. Obviously, I don’t want to do that!….so my question is this: is there any way of signing into my psn account on my vita without updating to the latest firmware? It is fresh out of the box and is currently on 1.61. Thanks guys. (The reason I want to sign into psn on my vita is so I can transfer an exploit game from my PS3…I’m assuming both need to be signed in on the same psn account to be able to transfer games).

  3. Can we used the same base for different bubbles (different homebrew or isos)?