Super Easy Way to make Pboots for the PSVita Bubble Hack

I know, a lot of you have been asking how to make your own pboot for the Psvita bubble trick. Now some of you may have figured it out, but there are still a lot people who haven’t yet. So we are here to help make it that much easy for you to do, with this easy to use pboot maker and some pre-done pboots.. wpid-20150118_012931.jpgSo Skiller as made it super easy for you to make your own pboots for the psvita bubble trick with his easy to use bat file, that will do all the work for you.


So here how easy it is, once you download it all you need to do is drag and drop your base game eboot.pbp on to the bat file. Then you are going to be prompted, just input your base game ID. For example, say you use Numblast as a base you would just type in NPUG80320, and then thats it you’re done. Now in the FIXGAME folder you’ll have your pboot and the PSNFIX is your eboot. Enjoy and hope this helps anyone out there..



Also my friend , has been trying different icons with those pboots. He just redid a bunch of pboots with new icons for us to enjoy on those custom bubbles. All you have to do is change the game ID to match your own..


Download: New+PBOOTS.rar

Credit goes to Skiller for his bat file and  for the new icons.

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  1. Must i have installed VHBL? or can i do it for the newest Firmware with non VHBL?


  2. any knowing of when home brews and psp game hacks will be released for FW 3.36

  3. Hi just a quick question please when I it is two files what do I do after

  4. Thanks for your reply so after I rebuild the database. in the menu recovery is it or not? and is that I have ESSG my file eboot before or not?

  5. a very big thank you for your help and sorry for the English because I’m french and I speak very well English sorry

  6. so where can i find this leak