A quick update on the progress of the PSVita exploits for FW 3.36

Just a few hour ago we announced the new exploits for the PSVita firmware 3.36 and has we speak qwikrazor is still working on getting those games save files ready for VHBL. Another thing, the Patapon 2 exploit won’t run VHBL, it’ll just be used to install files on another base game for VHBL. Also the VHBL base game will need to be a regular PSP game and not a minis. Since those have a 24 MB limit, otherwise you can’t install bubbles bigger than 24 MB if you do use a minis. If you don’t want to buy a new psp game you can use the two psp demo in the Playstation Store, Locoroco midnight carnival and Petz Saddle Club demowpid-20141229_193306.jpg

Its also has been confirmed that Patapon will not work for qwikrazor, VHBL installation method.

Now Patapon 2, will work for the VHBL installation method and it will work also work for all three regions. (US, EU, and JP)

So stay tune as we’ll let you know when all the files are ready to go and you can donate to qwikrazor87 via paypals here www.paypal.com for all the work he has been doing for the PSVita scene.

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  1. You said that we will need one psp game.My question is will it work with Ape quest ? I didnt find any of free psp game on EU psn or demos.Ty for answer.

  2. yay i managed to steal enough money to buy p2 before sony takes it off. now i play the waiting game for the save file but once that is released km only going to download it i bave no clue what to do after that. i already have midnight club la remix for a psp base game tho.

    • hackinformer

      make sure to download Patapon2 now and make backups of it, because once sony pulls it. You will not be able to download the game, until they put it back in the store.

  3. Am I correct in thinking that you can use the base game to put an ISO of a PSP game into the vita home screen? If that is correct, if I wanted to put two PSP ISOs on my home screen, could I use the same base game for both or would I have to have two different base games? Thanks. (this will be my first attempt at hacking my vita!)