PSVita: qwikrazor releases VHBL installer for Patapon 2 exploit on FW 3.36

This is it, qwikrazor has just finished testing Patapon 2 VHBL installer on all regions and everyone that tested it came back with successful results. Qwikrazor has really out done himself with a this new exploit for everyone, that may have update or is just new to the scene.

gg_vY1gTZ_VHBL-psvitaqwikrazor87 work is all volunteer and for the love of the scene. So lets show him how much we appropriate all of this work, he has done for the scene. You can donate to him via pay pals here every little bit show how much we enjoy this work.

Also don’t forget to grab these two PSP demos as they could come in hand, when needing a base game for making bubbles. The easiest way to find them is to just search, for Petz Saddle Club and LocoRoco in the PlayStation store.2015-01-25-0045312015-01-25-004331

Unless here are the download files and how to install VHBL with Patpon 2.

Download: Patapon2 US VHBL

Download: Patapon2 EU VHBL

Download: Patapon2_JP_VHBL

Use sign_np (or fake_np) to sign VHBL.ISO with your base game.
Place the signed VHBL eboot into UCUS98732_DATA00/

Update PATH.TXT to the path of your base game folder.
If you don’t know the name of the folder you can check online for the game ID of your game, then use that ID for the path.
For example, Patapon 2 US game ID is UCUS98732, so the path will be ms0:/PSP/GAME/UCUS98732
Make sure the path does NOT end with a slash or new line, an example is already provided.

Also transfer the provided VHBL01234 save.
The provided VHBL should allow you to mess with the file system without needing to rename any folders.



About hackinformer

I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. What do you recommed as a base game for EU? Because the Petz and LocoRoco Demos aren’t in the EU PSN store.

  2. Hi ! Is it possible to create a tutorial more detailed please? I’m noob on this ;-p
    I bought Patapon 2, I have sign_np 1.0.3 and the VHBL files but I can’t use sign_np with cmd (I use Windows)…

  3. Constantly getting red screen with patapon2 us version. Red screen and than game crashes. Any suggestions?

  4. It’s not working for me i have done all and it exit after red screen ;/

  5. I have red screen when I run Patapon 2 :-/

  6. i have done it all i have VHBL, but how do i add homebrews?

  7. Completely new to the vita scene but should be interesting to have a go with this. I’m in the UKS and I have had that ape quest free game on my account for years so will try with that and see how I get on. Guys like Qwikrazor deserve all the donations they can get! I’ll be sure to donate when I’m home!

  8. **in the UK**

  9. Is it possible ther are 0 PS Vita hacking tutorials for newbies. I have no idea what’s NPXX00000 or how to access PS Vita over FTP. And I hate everyone’s making tuorials like it’s 2+2.

  10. Hi, I tried signing it, found the Ape Escape Demo for the EU version of the game, got the Eboot for it and singed it with the Vhbl ISO. Popped the Eboot in the correct folder and changed the path to ape quest demo (NPEG00005425020) and copied it over.

    patapon 2 comes up as completly red.

  11. hi i need a tutorial for COMPLETE NOOB LIKE ME! i have noclue whT sign np, vhbl,ftp, or other terms are. all i have ismy vita 3.36 and pataon 2

  12. how long will these save files be up? i dont have access to my computer can i dk these later ormust they be done now?

  13. Im confused as to how this works. can we get a video or step by step guide?

  14. Like most people it seems I’m a complete noob at this. I’ve used fake_np to create that eboot file, placed it in the folder, changed the path.txt to the proper location and transfered those files onto the vity. Only when I select load game it says there are no files to load.

  15. can u make a video plz it would make this much easier im a dumbass and need to know how to do this on mac

  16. What are the chances you’d get banned for something like this? And if you use airplane mode when playing downloaded games?

    • The chances for you getting banned is very slim as no one has been banned for this but better to be safe and us airplane mode

      • Thanks, of course I’d rather be safe than sorry aswell and I know there’s no guarantees but glad to know it doesn’t seem to be a big issue like with PS3 hacks 🙂

  17. plz i need help how do i do this on a mac?