3DS: Gateway Releases Public Beta 3.3

With this latest release, Team Gateway has fixed emuNAND support for FW9.9 on the original nintendo 3DS. They have also provided a fix for the MultiRom Menu and better support for the blue cart to work via MSET exploit. Sadly the New Nintendo 3DS has been lefted out the cold once again. Team Gateway has suggested new features are coming soon and might be waiting to use Smea’s Ninjhax research to add support for FW9.4-9.9.



If anyone is wondering if you should update FW9.2, I recommend only updating to FW9.9 if you have a system version higher than FW9.2. Smea has stated FW9.2 is still more desired and slightly less limited.


Original Nintendo 3DS users on FW9.2 should take advantage of the this window of having the latest emuNAND support . Download new themes, updates for games or even try the latest demos! Personally, I’m looking forward to downloading The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth, when it releases July 23,2015. If you haven’t played it, you won’t be disappointed!! 🙂


You get the latest Gateway Public Beta here and as always ENJOY!!!

Team Hackinformer signing out

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