Amiiqo joins the battle!!!

Amiibos are the worst and best thing Nintendo has ever produced. Physical DLC disguised as toys are the best way to describe them. Retailers can’t keep their shelves stocked enough and the demand is so high, resellers have been using the basic principles of economics. Due to these practices, many fans alike can’t access all the content of their favorite games. Even ebay has been caught promoting the higher than retail prices via twitter, acting like they are doing a service to everyone.

All this has left Nintendo fans with a bad taste in their mouth and the big N has done nothing to combat this. The logical solution would be to produce more amiibos and offer a preorder system to determine the desired quantity. It’s almost like this been setup on purpose to price gouge.  So much that certain people have decided to take matters into their own hands!!

Amiiqo is a NFC toy emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines and even the ones that aren’t available yet! This device has the ability to backup, write and store up to 200 amiibos!!! That’s right 200!!!! With Amiiqo you explore options such as Dumping, Unlocking ,Set Bankcounts, Manage Backcounts and Lock them back to factory settings. I can guarantee with this device in the wild, Nintendo will rush to finally fix the current Amiibo problem ASAP.  For all you collectors out there, you could use this device to avoid opening your Amiibos. 🙂

Amiiqo in use on 3DS by contact734

If you interested in purchasing from official authorized resellers look no further! :p All the information including instructions can be found here. If enough people react and recommend a product review, I would happily commit to it. I receive Amiibos all the time and have a big collection of them, I might even giveaway more of them! 🙂 Leave a comment below and lets see what happens.


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  1. Nintendo deserves this for how badly they screwed up distribution

  2. Dear 8BitBang,

    Please contact me back, we will support you for the Amiiqo and MaxLander reviews!

    Best Regards

  3. Amiiqo joining the battle may be a great solution for many Amiibo users. With the supplied Android app and Android phone with NFC function, you can just enjoy something limited by the Nintendo Amiibo. So why not ?

  4. this kit is really cool, I bought mine from and couldn’t be happier with it

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