3DS: Ninjhax 2.0 Release

Since May 5th, I have been talking about this release and today it has finally come to fruition. You can read about the older post here and since then a lot of stuff has happened. Going from incorporating region four with the homebrew launcher, starting a thread for graphic designers to shape 2.0 and adding possibilities for rom hacking at a later release. This also marks the beginning of homebrew with sound for New Nintendo 3DS users! 🙂 More than ever people are contributing to 3DS scene. 3DS Dev Smea has gone above and beyond for the scene. He has provided us with everything except piracy and I admire, his ambition!!!


You can get the latest instuctions and files from here. I’ll keep you updated as newer things keep unfolding and when Smea gives you the option to boot Ninjhax 2.0 with Ocarina of Time. Someone was kind enough to donate him a copy!


Because of the release of Ninjhax 2.0, I have taken the time to make a big ass 3DS homebrew collection archive. Just simply unzip and add contents of the archive to Smea’s starter kit. You can download that here! 🙂 Have fun and welcome to the 3DS homebrew scene!!! 🙂

Team Hackinformer signing out

Source: smealum/ninjhax2/

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  1. This would be so good if it came to oot. Cubic Ninja is going for ~$40 online, and the only stores that carry it near me are out of stock. OoT, on the other hand, was one of the first 3ds games that I got.