A new 3DS hack has been released and the exploit game is FREE!!!!

New 3DS hack released!! So hurry up and get it before it’s to late. The game that is needed is IRONFALL Invasion and it’s FREE!!!! So stop what you are doing and go get this game in the eshop right now.

Nintendo eshop link for IRONFALL Invasion

In our next post, we will help you get everything setup and ready to rock you 3DS with the homebrew launcher..

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  1. Thanks i’m in XD

  2. I think you have to be on the latest firmware >9.2 to download this, which would block you from jailbreak – unless they changed it?

  3. Is it at the Japanese Eshop? or not? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Omg thks a lot im tuned for notice, downloaded now 😀

  5. should we update the game itself?

  6. I can just transfer this to a New 3DS from my Old 3DS once I purchase a New 3DS later this year right?

  7. So…do we need to update it to 1.1 too?

  8. Smea said 1.0 and the update 1.1 are both fine

  9. What the article doesn’t tell you is that you’ll still need Cubic Ninja or the upcoming OoT 3D exploit in order to set up the Ironfall exploit.

    • that isnt actually confirmed check twitter dont spread false news without proof

    • That is not true the ironhax is going to load homebrew channel separately. Their won’t be any need for Cubic Ninja in this case.

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