Switch: Super Smash Bros Ultimate game save editor

Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch hasn’t even been officially released yet and we’re already starting to see tools pop up for it.

Super Smash Bros UltimateDeveloper CapitanRetraso has put together a simple save editor for adjusting your characters fighting ability without having to do all the work. Here are just some of the features Ultimate Smasher is able to do.

With Ultimate Smasher you can edit the amounts of:

  • Gold
  • SP
  • Hammers
  • Tickets
  • Snacks (S, M, L)

It also allows to:

  • Unlock/Lock characters
  • Get all Cores
  • Get all stickers
  • Get all spirits
  • Unlock all milestones
  • Unlock Mii clothes
  • Unlock stores
  • Unlock Exploration
  • Unlock gym
  • Unlock dojos
  • Unlock music
  • Get a full-sized Spirit Board

I know cheating is bad but it so much fun doing it, especially when you just don’t have to time to put into a game with all your other responsibility going on in your life. That why tools like this are always nice to have around.

Download: Ultimate.Smasher.v1.2.zip




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