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Nintendo Switch CFW Atmosphère 0.8.1 released with FW6.2.0 support

Once Nintendo Switch FW 6.2.0 was cracked we all knew it was just a matter of time on which CFW would be the first to support that FW.

Since atmosphere is the first CFW to be updated to support FW 6.2.0. The other CFW will probably be updated in the next few days to also support FW 6.2.0.


Atmosphère 0.8.1

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A bug was fixed causing users to see Failed to enable SMMU! if fusee had previously rebooted.
    • This message will still occur sporadically if fusee is not launched from coldboot, but it can never happen twice in a row.
  • A race condition was fixed in Atmosphere bis_protect functionality that could cause NS to be able to overwrite BCT public keys.
    • This sometimes broke AutoRCM protection, the current fix has been tested on hardware and verified to work.
  • Support was added for enabling debugmode based on the exosphere section of BCT.ini:
  • Support was added for nogc functionality; thanks to @rajkosto for the patches.
    • If patches are enabled but not found for the booting system, a fatal error will be thrown.
      • This should prevent running FS without nogc patches after updating to an unsupported system version.
  • An extension was added to exosphere allowing userland applications to cause the system to reboot into RCM:
  • On fatal error, the user can now choose to perform a standard reboot via the power button, or a reboot into RCM via either volume button.
  • A custom message was added to fatal for when an Atmosphère API version mismatch is detected (2495-1623).

Download: atmosphere-0.8.1


Atmosphère 0.8.0

  • A custom fatal system module was added.
    • This re-implements and extends Nintendo’s fatal module, with the following features:
      • Atmosphère’s fatal does not create error reports.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal draws a custom error screen, showing registers and a backtrace.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal attempts to gather debugging info for all crashes, and not just ones that include info.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal will attempt saving reports to the SD, if a crash report was not generated by creport.
  • Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
    • Instead of living in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/%s.flag, flags are now located in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/flags/%s.flag
      • The old format will continue to be supported for some time, but is deprecated.
    • Flags can now be applied to HBL by placing them at atmosphere/flags/hbl_%s.flag.
  • smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
    • Users with updated HBL/homebrew should see no observable differences due to this change.
    • To facilitate this, fs.mitm now mitms all sessions for non-system modules; content overriding has been made separate from service interception.

 “Please note: these protections are basic, and sufficiently malicious homebrew can defeat them. Please be careful to only run homebrew software from sources that you trust.”

  • A bug involving HDCP titles crashing on newer firmware was fixed.
  • Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
    • By default, new keys will automatically be derived without user input.
    • Support is also present for loading new keys from atmosphere/prod.keys or atmosphere/dev.keys
    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


Download: atmosphere-0.8.0



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