Mr.Gas releases method to write to the Vita filesystem + PSTV whitelist patch!

This trick will allow you to write to the Vita fileystem (except RO partitions, e.g: vs0)


Preparing your E-Mail app

To prepare your e-mail app so that it accepts the following methode, you need to once again use the eml trick and send yourself an email with the follwing file writer.eml via thunderbird for example. You should see a camera symbol. Touch it and DO NOT click OK on the appearing Error Message but simply close the e-mail app completely! Re-open the E-mail App and set up your mail account again.

How to write a file to the Vita

To write a file to the Vita filesystem you need to create a new e-mail on your PC and set the path you want the file to be installed as subject.

The actual file you want to write needs to be renamed to #0 (without any file-ending) and set as attachment. Send it to your Vita!



And if everything did work you should see a camera symbol. Touch it and DO NOT click OK on the appearing Error Message but simply close the e-mail app completely!

Note: If the path is incorrect you will recieve a different error.


PSTV Whitelist Patch


Following the basic steps from above try writing this file, list_launch_vita.dat to..

ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat bypass the PSTV whitelist limitation by Sony and make most games launchable!


A list of compatible games and detailed tutorials for all resulting tricks will follow soon! 🙂

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  1. OMG! FINALLY! The homebrew developers always amaze me. Thanks!

  2. is it ok to update to latest firmware and still use this.
    (Currently on 3.51 and don’t care for homebrews)

  3. sure. but it will be patched after that we are pretty sure

  4. Followed the instructions but I’m getting a C2-15413-4 error trying to lauch Uncharted cart on 3.20 PSTV. Tried rebuilding db but no dice.

    • OK, got it to work but noticed the following,
      1. Renaming to ‘x’ didn’t work, I had to use ‘#0’ to get it to show as camera icon.
      2. I needed to put a ‘.’ at the end of the subject line ie. ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat.
      3. After clicking the attachment, instead of an error it simply changed the attachment name to ‘done’ and that was it. After closing the email app I was able to launch Uncharted.
      4. I couldn’t actually play due to the ‘Touch to Start’ retardedness.

  5. Dracula X Chronicles still doesn’t work, hopefully there will be a fix for that soon.

  6. Thanks for the info.

  7. CrookedNoseSmallMouth

    Can I update the PSVita TV to the latest firmware and then use this exploit?

  8. Looks like Taiko V still doesn’t work, but I can play PhotoKano Kiss & Ninja Gaiden 1 just fine. (I think those two were restricted.)

    Great! … Though now I’ve just noticed 95% of my games are already compatible. Eagerly waiting for the other new tricks to come.

  9. I can confirm gravity rush, and uncharted works. Tetris Unlimited does not work even with the exploit

  10. CrookedNoseSmallMouth

    Holy crap it works. Holy crap WipEout 2048 on TV. Holy moly. Thanks everyone.

  11. Need to know how Ys: Memories in Celceta works with this!

  12. Emailing that first file to myself to “Prepare my email” for this, just gives me a “This file is not compatible with this system”. i’m on 3.52. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  13. Same issue here, can’t get a camera icon.

  14. Having the same exact problem.

  15. Same with me, nothing i try will work its just the paperclip icon i even tried with thunderbird but same results. (i dont like external email clients anyway) my vita tv is 3.52 so it might be patched out.

  16. AHA found out the issue, you have to actually OPEN UP the .eml file in thunderbird it sort of does it all for you

    for all who don’t know how to send eml to mail

    Open writer.eml with Thunderbird
    Go to Message -> Edit as new Message (Ctrl + E)
    Enter your email and send to device

    Also for adding attachment in email (when added right click on it and rename)

    easy Smile

  17. The big question is can you get the Netflix app to work with this.

  18. Hope it’s alright to ask this here but I’m really curious is there a home brew solution for playing ps1 originals in full screen on the vita tv? One that doesn’t require downgrading. I’ve been on the straight and narrow for so long i didn’t even think about cfw so i updated mine right after i bought it. i thought a feature like that would be possible on ofw and i was pissed to find out that it wasn’t.

    I’d be grateful for any help. And again sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

  19. white JPN vita TV/US account user here! Cannot get this working at all. Everything I try yields the same result. NO camera icon, just a ‘?’ and it says file not compatible. Any help for this ?

  20. Thanks! Now I can finally get some more use out of my PS TV. I decided to give Uncharted: Golden Abyss a go and made a little video to show you guys just how playable the game is on PS TV:

  21. I keep trying with my touch my katamri and i keep getting error (C2-15413-4) does this mean it just does not work?

  22. How do we get said games on to the vita tv now though? It won’t let me access uncharted or any games on the ps store still. Do I have to buy the physical content?

    • no, you just did something wrong, this exploit allows you to play vita games from physical and digital.

      • I did everything right, I got all the correct camera icons etc, and can even download the games that I previously couldn’t including netflix, but they won’t work for some reason. Keeps saying not compatible with vita tv

  23. Does this not work with digital games? I’ve followed everything to a T and cannot get any digital games to work. I tried gravity rush, monster bag, unit 13. Nothing will work.

  24. Does the patch is permanently applied to Vita TV? If I turn off the system, do I have to open email and touch the icon again to play the game? Dynasty Warrior is working, by the way.

  25. I got it to work only to realize that none of the games I wanna play works with it. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 and then the psp-versions of FF 1, 2, 3, 4

  26. I’m hoping this will let me get PS3 remote play onto it (I can’t believe they left it off) and Netflix in the UK.
    Will done everyone.

  27. Do you need to set up an exactly new e-mail for this? I have Thunderbird installed now and got both files. Does Gravity Rush not work or will it be able to?

  28. Does IA/VT Colorful work with this hack? 🙂

  29. Thank you, found you via Kotaku
    Finally I can use the games I bought on PSTV, Hopelly Sony don’t do anything about it or adds support.
    it’s not like they want to kill the Playstation TV right right!?

  30. Would I need the PS4 controller if I wanted play Uncharted: Golden Abyss?

  31. Amazing! I just played Wipeout 2048 on a PSTV. It was beautiful and ran flawlessly. (Okay, maybe it is running a bit slower? I only guess that because I actually won the first race easily, while on vita, I usually find myself careening all over the track for the first few races, before I get back into a groove.) Why on earth would Sony leave that out of the PSTV library??? For other titles, maybe licensing issues, but they own this one…

  32. Does it work with Danganronpa Another Episode?

  33. What can i do if don’t have a PC??

  34. Wow awesome!! Works great! Tested gravity rush and strangers wrath both work perfect ! Terraria did not work.

  35. How do I make this permanently stay ? When I turned off my PSTV I had to redo the steps. My dad really wants to play but I’m doubt he’ll go through the trouble every time he wants to play .

  36. Any news on whether the hack is permanent, or only temporary as two users above expressed concerns?

  37. For anyone having problems with the email not showing a camera image do the email reset trick here..

  38. After playing around with it for a while, I got it to work. Awesome, totally awesome! Thank you for creating this patch in the first place, and thank you to the people who posted the info about Thunderbird. I doubt I would have gotten it to work without that.
    A big part of the reason why I bought a PSTV is because I wanted to play Uncharted on a big screen. Pissed me off when I found out it wasn’t supported. Oh well, I can play it now and Sony can suck my balls!!!

  39. Great!!!! Sorry i cant speak english, But confirm test ok mortal kombat an App netflix 🙂

  40. Ok I did everything right as far as I can tell but after installing Netflix and starting it, I get an error message. I’m on 3.52. Any ideas?

  41. The attachment always says “done” instead of “#0” even though I named it “#0”. I already did the writer.eml successfully

  42. The attachment always says “done” instead of “#0” even though I named it “#0”. I already did the writer.eml successfully. Anyone know how to fix this?

  43. how do i create a fake picture file with the 2nd file?

  44. ps tv deserves a hack

  45. Greentreehub, I believe it is supposed to read “done” after successful deployment. Issue for me is that I get a “CR” error after I launch Netflix and other “blacklisted” after the hack. Anyone else experiencing this?

  46. i’m on 3.52 ofw. I couldn’t load the games like Uncharted, little big planet, MGS3 HD. giving error. what to do?

  47. Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee works but sometimes it gives me an error and the pstv shuts down.(sorry for my bad english)

  48. Check this link for anyone still having problems. They email you the relevant files.

  49. I have a question since this is a email hack i have not heard of before, what can i do with this is the question, how can i do this after the instructions. is games free on the playstation store now or can it get packages off the internet, im on 3.52 btw waiting for the ark.

  50. Any word on whether it will work with 3.55?

  51. Found a reddit thread that confirms the update breaks this hack. A shame, now I have to remember to never update my PSTV ever again. Heard about a tool called Vita Update Blocker that may still allow some PSN access which I’ll look into myself.

  52. Netflix work ok!! for me in my PSTV with charles proxy trick, blacklist servers sony an enjoy the movies!!, sorry my english

  53. i have 3.55 email appk dont close and cant log agine cus email app remember last login dont work on 3.55 i waste my money for game and psvita tv and cant play even in ffx hd 🙁

  54. Does anyone here know how to put downloaded PSX games (Eboot.pbp files) on PS TV? Running 3.52, did the e-mail thingy, update blocker, but all games show up as damaged when I try to transfer them…Any help would be appreciated.

  55. Well with the email hack you do need a game to use as a base. The pboot trick is a lot easier to do then the rebirth bubble, so that is one of the main reason you can get the ps1 games to work as the rebirth bubble and the pboot trick are only for psp games. Also the email trick only works on FW 3.52. Use our guide to help you install TN-V or Ark on the psvita so you can play PS1 games.

  56. I just did wrongly.
    I updated it, then I saw that info. I tried ti the steps but I don’t think I could do it.

    My PlayStation TV is on C3-12049-6 version.

    I am out, isn’t I? Any suggestions? Solutions to I be able to download the PSP, PS1 AND PS2 games?

    Thank you

  57. and without fail I always get a “?” file and I’m following all the steps. I’m at 3.52 Phat Vita. help? >,<
    My base game has been Loco Roco Midnight then I switched to that pool game for the US.

  58. hey i just got my ps vita today and its version 3.52 right so i tried the email thing with the camera thing etc.. and it works problem is for me to access the store it forces me to update ?? what doi do?