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Review: RAZED

Speedrunning has been around for a great deal of time. What about literal speed running to save your life? This is the general concept in the game RAZED. Will you run to save your life, or will you lose momentum only to lose yourself? Find out in our review of RAZED.


Developer: Warpfish Games
Publisher: PQube
Release Date: December 19, 2018
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation 4 (reviewed on PlayStation 4)
Cost: $11,99
Genre: Racing, Platforming

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From the game’s main webpage:

RAZED is a lightning-fast, single-player platform racing game that’s all about speedrunning. Sprint through dynamic neon levels in the quickest time possible, employing skills such as super-speed boosts, mega-jumps, drifts, stomps and strafes to bypass obstacles and uncover shortcuts to propel yourself up the online leaderboards. But there’s a catch: powers cost momentum, and if your energy falls too low your shoes (and you) could very well explode…

At the start of the game, you meet an individual known as “the developer”. Through a short sequence of events, the player is given some unique shoes. The shoes provide some awesome abilities, however also a downside. If the player’s momentum slows down in any way, they will explode, which will kill the player in turn.

The story narrative is brief but delivered in a way which gives a sense of urgency. In order to survive, the player must comply and make sure they race through all of the levels and ensure that survival.



Gameplay in RAZED is simple with unique elements. It could be compared to a runner type game. Players will run from start to finish of a level and must keep their momentum up. If the momentum of your player drops, you blow up. During the run, more abilities will unlock and can be upgraded. Once again, RAZED is simple in gameplay but throws in the unique elements.

While the gameplay is simple, that does not mean the game will be simple itself. the difficulty in each level can range from easy to hard. It is up to the player to figure out all of the different elements in the game to get from point A to point B.

Audio and visual:

Visual-wise, RAZED is not the best looking game out there. However, it really should not be an issue as the visuals itself fit perfectly in the game. It is visually pleasing to observe RAZED in action as it mashes together in each new environment.

Audio-wise RAZED has a great soundtrack and sound design. There is no real voicework, but in a game like RAZED that is not an issue. The sound design overall blends well within the game and is presented well.

^ RAZED launch trailer with some of the music from the game

Replay Value and Fun Factor:

Replay Value in RAZED is apparent. Players will find themselves wanting to get the best scores in each level. This also includes finding all of the upgrades and other items within each level that will befit them in their journey through each level.

Is this game fun? I have never really been a fan of games in this type of Genre, but I did have fun with my time in RAZED. Even now, I do find myself loading it up to play a few levels every now and then.


RAZED takes a simple premise of being a runner game, and adds new elements and meshes it well. No matter what time the player decides to invest in the game, RAZED will hold the player’s attention. It may not be the best looking type of game in the genre, but it can easily be one of the most a game in this genre is out there. The difficulty curve may turn off some players. However, it is that very challenge that will keep some players coming back for more.

RAZED is not exactly a long game by any means either, but it does its job by keeping the player going through a unique story delivery, interesting level designs, wonderful sound design, and presentation. Run as your destiny awaits to survive in RAZED!

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