3DS: RPwnG Exploit for RPG Maker Player released

After MrNbaYoh announced the exploit and had some problems in getting to work as a primary exploit which doesn’t need another Hack to be installed he luckily got it to work and released the exploit to the public. All you need is RPG Maker Player which is available for free on the eShop and a code for an RPG Maker level which triggers the exploit.

To install the exploit follow the following instructions by MrNbaYoh:
You’ll need :

  • a 3ds on firmware 11.5
  • a digital copy of RPG Maker Player (free) ver. 1.1.4 on EUR, ver. 1.1.2 on USA/JPN

Installation for the End-User

  1. Get and install the homebrew starter kit available here.
  2. Change your 3ds language to English (most of the uploaders speak english, and the game only shows projects with the same language as the one of your 3ds)
  3. Find a code for your region and console type (o3ds/n3ds). You might want to look at #GetRPwnG on twitter.
  4. (Optional) – Download the DLC (right from the game menu), it seems the exploit is more reliable with the DLC.
  5. Download the project thanks to the online sharing feature, once the download is finished try to run it.
  6. Enjoy!

How to use RPwnG Player

Just try to load the RPwnG game, the loading should stop and the HBL should run.
/!\ It might take a while for the exploit to run, be patient /!\

How to upload RPwnG for People without CFW

People with CFW have to upload it, so people without CFW can get them.
You need the latest version of the full RPG Maker Fes (the paid one)

1. Copy the code.ips in the /patch folder of the archive to the right location in /titles/TITLEID according to the Luma 3ds wiki (the patch works on both USA and EUR version) (TITLEID is the title id of your version of RPG Maker Fes of course)
EUR TitleID: 00040000001B9D00
USA TitleID: 00040000001BD500
JPN TitleID: 000400000018B300

2. Enable game patching in luma settings (Hold select to bring up the config and enable it there).
3. Change your 3ds language to English or make a locale.txt for RPG Maker Fes to set the language to English. (Change EUR, USA, JPN accordingly)

4. Copy one of the exploit files to the ext save data of RPG Maker Fes (game_00.dat, no matter which one you choose, any cfw 3ds can upload any exploit file)
For this open FBI on your 3DS and browse to the game_00.dat of your choice. Now press “A” and choose “Copy”.

Then go back to the main menu of FBI and choose “Ext Save Data”. Wait for the list to load and go to RPG Maker Fes.

Press “A” and then press “A” again on “Browse User Save Data”. Now press “A” on any file in there or on “<Current Directory>” and select “Paste”. That’s it. Now continue with Step 5.
5. Launch the game and check that you can see RPwnG in your projects
6. Upload it thanks to the online sharing feature, and share the product ID on Twitter with the hashtag #GetRpwnG

A collection of Product IDs:

o3DS by @Darthsternie: e8olwxzy
n3DS by @_Neoninfinity: d1rb2ybu
o3DS by @jerbear294: aczettg8
n3DS by @DaPolarBeer: 82iykhm0
o3DS by :
n3DS by :

JPN RGwnG is still missing and someone sharing a code would be very much appreciated.
You can find more Product IDs by going to Twitter and searching for #GetRPwnG.

This is a great exploit and with the community actively uploading RPwnG Levels this is great for everyone who wants homebrew on Firmware 11.5.

Source: MrNbaYoh

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