Another new 3DS Exploit announced by MrNbaYoh!

After word got out that the Flipnote Studio 3D Exploit that got stolen and reported to Nintendo Developers. MrNbaYh seems to have another Exploit up his sleeve for all the people on latest Firmware that want access to the Homebrew Launcher. For everyone who got the Flipnote Studio 3D App, it’s not sure if that exploit will ever be released so you should download the RPG Maker (Fes) Player from the eShop. There are two versions, a free version and one for 40$, the best part is you only need the free version.

Note that this does NOT allow you install CFW yet since there are no Exploits on recent firmwares and it may not allow you to do this for a long time and this also does NOT work on old3DS or old2DS. If you really want to use CFW the only way right now is the ntrboot which requires a compatible flashcard and an already hacked 3DS to prepare it or a hardmod.

I hope that Ninty is still out for the rest of the week so that a lot of people can get this Title before it gets pulled from the eShop. So you better hurry before it’s gone.


MrNbaYh is having a few hiccups with this new exploit, so just give him some time to work it out and I say, grab the free version just in case he does get it working. It’s better to have it than not have it if he gets it working right.

Source: MrNbaYoh

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