RocketLauncher evolved into a full CFW with RSA Checks patched & DSiWare loading from SDCard

It seems like not a single day has passed where something new isn’t added to the DSi Exploit RocketLauncher. Where in the beginning it would need a flash card with rewritable bootloader it was then found out that it could also be launched with pretty much every NTR Game. But with this new update, the DSi will finally get its own first CFW.

This has a few similarities with emuNAND but still isn’t a real emuNAND. RocketLauncher will load a patched Launcher/Whitelist and more from the SDCard which can be on the latest Firmware 1.4.5 while the sysNAND stays on 1.4. You won’t have to set-up a hidden partition with a backup of the NAND though for this to work which makes this nicer and easier to set-up and won’t needs as much Space as a full NAND copy would need.

Some other nice thing about it, is that everything is decrypted and still can be started & played thanks to the crypto flag in the Bootloader being turned off. That also means that if you should want to add more DSiWare to your DSi all you need to do is properly edit the license file and just decrypt the game file and move it to the SDCard.

Thanks to some findings by ApacheThunder you’ll also be able to play any DSiWare Game from the SDCard. This way you won’t have to worry about the limited Space available on the System NAND any more. You can put as many Games on your SD as it can take and a 4GB SDCard should be more than enough to fit many many DSiWare Games.

This new exploit is getting better and better day by day and I am more than excited for when this drops and I can finally use this on my good old DSi.

Source: ApacheThunder Youtube

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