Where to get your controllers, consoles, & more custom painted

Every year I head out to EVO, here in Las Vegas and there is alway that one booth that stands out beyond the rest of them. That booth is controllerchaos, where they have all kinds of custom painted consoles, controllers, headsets, and even keyboards & mouses for sale or for giveaways at the event.

They can do almost any custom paint job you want or you buy the ones already custom painted on their site.

On their website, you will notice they have a large section of custom painted controllers to buy or you can make your own design with their custom controller builder but they can do so much more than just custom controllers. 

I was told at the booth that they can do handheld systems but you will have to special order them and contact them via email or phone to discuss what you would like done. For example here are two custom painted New 3DS’s.  

They even have a custom painted Nintendo Switch: Galaxy Edition for sale on their website, showing you that they can do consoles too.I even got to see the Switch in person and play with it. The paint and finish felt just like the Nintendo Switch would feel without being painted. They wanted it to feel exactly like the original Switch, so it didn’t feel different from one to the other and they did a spectacular job on it and looks fabulous.

Of course, I had to show them my custom painted PSVita and PSPgo by Mr. Nezki and they were blown away by his work. Then that’s when I started to ask about if they could do any custom painted handheld which they said yes, as long as its do able.

As I know a lot of you would love to have a custom painted PSVita slim as I seen so many ask on twitter. So what about the fat boy( PSVita 1000), well you can’t do them because the glass front and would cost a crazy amount of money to take it apart properly. You could only paint the back of the unit and the front would always stay black or whatever color you have because of the glass plate on the front. So the PSVita 1000 or Fatboy as we called them wouldn’t be a good device to get custom painted.

Next thing I know a lot of people will say is the prices are very high. Well, when you want something custom painted that means it’s going to be unique and one-of-a-kind so those things will always cost more money it’s just like getting your car painted a custom color or anything else. The time it takes to take it apart, sand it, paint it, and put it back together I think these prices are reasonable for what they do.

So if you’re in the market for customizing your controllers, keyboards, or one of your devices I would definitely recommend checking out controllerchaos and see what they can customize for you.


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