Review: Spellspire for the PS4/PSVita/Switch

Spellspire at its core is a mashup of a word game and a role playing game from developer/publisher 10Tons Ltd. The gist of it is pretty simple: Your wizard strolls through levels, encountering monsters. You blast the monsters by picking letters from a ten letter grid.SpellspireThe longer the word, the bigger the blast! And then there’s the action RPG aspect, where you fiddle with your gear to up your stats. It’s pretty fun.  The more detailed explanation straight from Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd., ‘Spellspire is an utterly charming and entertaining game. It’s uniquely thrilling to try to put together words at a feverish pace to blast away a goblins and zombies, and the role playing game aspects of the game work really well as well. It really pays off to figure out the best robes, wands, and items for the toughest levels!’

And it boasts some features that make this game unique against a backdrop of other word games that get pumped out nowadays.


  • Exciting mashup of word game and action role playing game
  • Pick letters to spell words
  • Collect gold and buy better items between levels
  • Use consumable magical items to push through tough encounters’.



So the audio in this game is quite exquisite.  There was a sound effect for each and every creature, spell, weapon hit, and item selecting.  And on top of all of that they all sounded clean and crisp.  Not once while I was playing did I come across any instance where so many sounds were over lapping that sounded like a mess.  No, this all seemed so well planned out and all details were considered.  I would call that ‘orchestrated’ and I would be right.  10/10



The soundtrack in this game definitely felt like it had a lot of love put behind it.  The various tracks Sounded So intrinsically Like a period piece set in medieval times when might think of knights and monsters and wizards.  There were some tracks that were ominous and foreboding if there was a boss.  But then there were other tracks that seemed light and mystical if you were heading into a level with some goofy looking monsters.  So you definitely had tracks that set the mood more in this game than other games where you’d rather just set a custom soundtrack.  Even when on the screen where you select your tower you have a song that plays and it makes you feel all powerful and ready to take on the level that you’re about to play.  I was genuinely surprised with the soundtrack and I mean that in the best way possible. 10/10


The visuals were my favorite part you guys!  There were oh so many details that were put into the look and feel of this game and I dug it.  Even characters that looked similar maybe walked differently or had different colored accessories.  The high def rendering of the 2D graphics was just a treat for my eyes to behold.  It was like I was playing a cartoon.  Characters both good and bad had facial expressions depending on what they were doing.  All of these things that I just listed are generally parts that indie devs or smaller studios skip over to save time or money.  But Spellspire…no.  10Tons Ltd. had your best interests in mind when they were coming up with the style and look of this game.  I have nothing but good things to say, and I could talk about it all day, but I’ll just stop 😀 10/10



Switch Impressions:
The Switch version is out today and I was able to get my hands on it as well. Let me tell you, it simply does not disappoint. Anyone who has played the PlayStation Vita version will be quick to notice how similar the Switch version is. I would say that it’s identical because you get to use either the physical buttons to play or touchscreen! So many of the subtle nuances, like the cute monstery sound effects, are still there and sound great on the go. I rather like this version better than the Vita if we’re being honest. There is so much more real estate on this screen compared to the Vita.
I know that the screen of the Switch probably can’t compete with the OLED screen of the 1000 series Vita, but this game looks good! I think given the graphics and how cartoony they are, they are right at home on a Nintendo platform. I had so much fun with this game that I actually felt myself smiling and getting lost in the game. This was just a game that I loved all over (given what I had written above), but now I have it on a more up to date hand held that I can take on the go that has a great screen size.
Are there any downsides though? Sure. The game doesn’t have anything added to it, it is just a straight port. They give you the same options and no new modes. So when I said before that there was no real replay-ability, that still stands. Other than that though? I really couldn’t find a single reason to hate this game. At just $9.99, the Switch version may be the best version for your money. You get to play it on the go and you get to have it in its full-fledged console glory when it’s docked at home!
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  1. I’d love to pick this up on Vita! Love these types of games, reminds me instantly of Letter Quest Remastered which was a total blast and makes you think too!

    • I would definitely recommend it, if you couldn’t already tell. It presents actual obstacles and is more objective based than other words games. If you love word games, do not hesitate, just get it!

  2. Who doesn’t love a free PS4 game especially one that looks so cool.

  3. Congrats too @SgtStangroj as you were randomly selected in our giveaway for Spellspire for the PS4/PSVita check your DM/email for the redeem code.

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