Kojima’s Death Stranding Is About Connecting People

During the E3 conference this year, Hideo Kojima announced his enigmatic title Death Stranding that left audiences even more puzzled after watching a naked Norman Reedus on a desolate beach covered in black marks.

Yesterday during the Sony PlayStation’s Tokyo Games Show, Kojima unveiled a little more information regarding the logo, the game’s title and how the open-world action game aims to connect players – with a cute illustration.

Kojima said that the action genre will allow, “a degree of freedom,” whilst enjoying the game’s story alongside, “some online elements.” 

He elaborated on the meaning of threads and stranding as, “this title refers to something from another world stranding in our world”, Kojima said. 

The title makes reference to when dolphins or wales are washed up dead on a shore.

At least that is a little bit of new information for Kojima’s mysterious title, as he is still not going into too much depth – it certainly explains why Reedus was washed up on a shore alongside dead sea animals in the trailer.

At E3 Kojima referenced quite frequently about how we see a lot of sticks, pistols, and weapons, “things that are the equivalent of the first tool.”

He continued, “Abe, in his novel, mentions that after the stick, mankind invented something that keeps things that are important close to you – the rope.”

During the presentation, Kojima demonstrated through a cartoonish illustration of collaborators Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro and how the game will bring players together.

“The story is about connections, what you call ‘strands’ in psychology – how people are connected. Connecting people through gameplay is the basis of the game. Trying to connect one character to another, or to connect life and death.” 

The illustration seen below clearly shows Kojima and del Toro alongside Reedus, which isn’t surprising as they were working together on Silent Hills when Kojima was still at Konami.

Since then however the reboot fell through but reports say that Death Stranding supposedly has it’s origins from the cancelled horror franchise.

Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding will be available in 4K resolution, supporting HDR as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, with no set release date in sight.

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