More Information about RocketLauncher’s Retail Card loading feature

ApacheThunder and Shutterbug2000 just won’t stop. Having just found out about the method to use retail cards to boot RocketLauncher they are already improving it and adding more games to the compatibility list. If you don’t know what RocketLauncher is you can read my last Post where I explained it a bit and tried to summarize how it works.

Supported Games right now out of the box are Super Mario 64(US), Mario Kart (US), and Cory in the House(US). If everything goes as planned you will also be able to use pretty much every normal DS Card (NOT TWL (DSi) Cards) to boot RocketLauncher since the offset used seems to be pretty common and easy to find in DS Games. Also new with this is that only one ARM7 jump is needed now thanks to a find by Shutterbug2000 that an area of ram isn’t cleared during the soft reset so we just have arm7 jump directly to the payload there.

I am really excited for this hack since it will allow for many things to happen to our old DSi if people dedicate the time to start messing with the DSi’s Firmware and code some nice apps and maybe even a CFW with additional features. Together with the new DSiWareHax that will be announced sometime in the future, this will hopefully be a great kickstart for the DSi Homebrew Scene.

Source: ApacheThunder

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