Season of Henkaku by SonyUSA, VisualNovel about the Vita Scene

With everything around right now and everyone waiting for Enso why not wait and have a look at this funny little homebrew. This is a real early WIP VisualNovel by the User SonyUSA about the Vita Scene and especially Team Molecule. Currently, this is just a few seconds long but hey… Maybe it’ll be continued. That would be a thing not a single scene ever had.


Here’s the full post by the Dev:
Hi everyone– I made a demo thing. It’s a spoof off of the Vita scene, some old H-games, and the movie Hackers (or at least it will be?). All the art and sounds/music are 100% stolen but please don’t sue me. Thanks for taking a look!

X – Advance/Make Choice
/\ – Hide Text Box
Up/Down – Highlight Choice Selection
R – Have Satan read the text on screen (it’s bad, plz don’t do it)
Start – Quit

Really you shouldn’t even bother trying it at this point, it’s like 5 seconds long, but Xyz promised to port me an audio lib if I made a proof-of-concept demo containing him with a relationship branch and h-scene with Yifanlu, and this is what he got… 

Download the VisualNovel here.

Let’s see if this project will be continued. I like this project since I like Visual Novels and like the funny idea of making a Visual Novel about Team Molcule.

Source: GBATemp

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