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Tech Newcomer Bionik’s Switch Accessories

As the article title states, this article is about Bionik (stylized as bionik, pronounces as bionic), who they are, and their planned Switch accessories that are coming within a 6-month time frame.

We quickly reported on bionik and their upcoming accessories at E3, when it was on the show floor. You can read about that here, of course. But this article will have all officially Switch accessories, just in case we overlooked anything from the E3 show floor.

Here’s the exact quote from the bionik ‘About Us’ page, you can see that their driving motto is having interesting, but useful ideas to solve our gamer problems:


Definition: Utilizing electronic devices to assist humans in performing difficult, dangerous, or intricate tasks.

The term bionik™ captures the essence of our commitment to providing unique and innovative accessories that are catalysts for improved experience and immersion with technology.’

There are 6 accessories that are in the queue for release, let’s dive into them (in no particular order), shall we?

#1. Giganet

The official blurb descriptor of the device is a “High Speed USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch”, which might be a mouthful for such a small device. But don’t worry, this tiny device has a lot of features to it. Since it’s high speed and designed specifically for the Switch, it will allow for a secure and quick connection while you’re gaming. This is good with a high influx of eSports events and online tournaments. Best of all, it is designed to fit within the confines of the Nintendo Switch dock. Additionally, it has a pattern on it that helps the airflow within the Switch, this pattern basically allows the dock fan to keep doing its job so there is still proper ventilation. You can expect to only shell out $24.99 for this! Here are the extended features of the device.
• ‘USB 3.0 to RJ45 high-speed adapter supporting 10/100/1000 bit Ethernet.
• Designed to fit directly in the Nintendo Switch™ charging dock.
• Discreet look that complements the console.
• Fast, secure wired connection for improved performance and security.’

#2. Rapid Charge Kit

The quick description of this one is “Rapid Charger with 6 Foot Cable Kit”. As depicted below, you can see that it features a USB Type-C cord in the package. But it’s not a standard cord. Besides being stylized as a black, braided cord it also has the Nintendo Switch neon red and blue colors on the end caps. It also features a really great add-in which is that it can handle multiple voltage outputs, including 15v which obviously is required to support the dock. The point is, it was designed with the Switch in mind and is not some simple hobo cord from Radio Shack.  The power that it has ranges, depending on the need; 5V/9V/12V – 3 Amp, 15V/20V – 2.25 Amp. You’re look at a total of $24.99 for this kit. The list of extended features is just below the picture.

• ‘6 foot USB Type-C™ cable with a cable tie.
• Contrast color woven shielding.
• Play and charge your Nintendo Switch™ or Pro Controller.
• Flat tangle-resistant cable design.
• Supports 15V output for the Nintendo Switch™ dock.’

#3. Power Plate

The whole title this time around is quite long as well it kind of doesn’t even explain everything about it. This portable power system for the Nintendo Switch and it’s Joy-Cons but as long as that is, that’s an oversimplification. It is probably the coolest accessory that they have on the list because it’s the most unique and no other company has anything like it. It is a battery pack that charges both left right Joy-Cons individually but also is a Joy-Con grip. Which actually makes a ton of sense in the fact that your hands being that far apart is less of a shock than going back and forth between the wide Switch and the less-wide Joy-Con grip that Nintendo gives you for free. Or, if you do not prefer to use it as a Joy-Con grip and you just want to charge your Joy-Cons on the go and not have them burn up the battery on the Switch, you can do that too. The battery clocks in at 4500 mAh. It even comes with a charging dock if both the Power Plate and Joy-Cons are dead. It also includes a USB Type-C to USB Type-C adapter (which means you can even simultaneously charge your actual Switch) and a carrying back for the whole shebang. All of that will only run you $49.99. Here’s that list of extended features for you:
• ‘Charge two Joy-Con™ controllers or the Nintendo Switch™ console.
• High capacity Li-ion battery pack.
• Can fully recharge the Nintendo Switch™ internal battery, or both Joy-Cons more than 3X.
• Includes a unique charging dock for easy recharging and storage.
• Carrying bag and USB Type-C™ adapter included for ultimate portability.
• Recharge your Joy-Con™ controllers while you play.’

#4. Tetra Power

I know, by the looks of it the Tetra Power isn’t much. But it accomplishes quad charging Joy-Cons at the same time but in a much more compact and stylish way than it’s competitors. It has a unique x-shaped formation that doesn’t just let you charge 4 but they all charge equally at the same speed. Furthermore, the whole dock is designed to match the clean aesthetics of the Switch. Best of all, cable management, this lets you adjust the length of the cords to keep them only at the length that you need for ease of use and cleanliness. There’s not much to say about this one. It’s simple, small, effective and will only cost a mere $24.99. I got that list of extended features right here:
• ‘Conveniently attaches to the Nintendo Switch™ dock for easy use.
• Designed to match the aesthetics of the Nintendo Switch™ console.
• Built-in cable management system for customized cable length and storage.
• LED charge status indicators.’

#5. Power Plate Duo

This product is exactly like the Power Plate with one major addition, that it’s double of everything. This means even a wider charging dock that lets you charge an extra Power Plate with or without Joy-Cons on it. And, if I’m estimating right, that also means you can charge your Switch in one slot while charging a Power Plate with our without Joy-Cons in the extra slot. Or vise versa. Or maybe even 2 Switches. That part remains to be seen. It would look as though that it has the same list of extended features as the Standard version of the Power Plate as well, just a larger dock and a slightly larger price point. The specifics in the description on their site is that it comes with “Two 4500mAh backup batteries, dual charge dock, two carrying bags, two USB Type-C™ to USB Type-C™ adapters and user guide.” The price point is $69.99. Here’s the list of the extended features:

• ‘Charge four Joy-Con™ controllers or the Nintendo Switch™ console.
• High capacity Li-ion battery packs.
• Can fully recharge the Nintendo Switch™ internal battery, or both Joy-Cons more than 3X.
• Includes a unique charging dock for easy recharging and storage.
• Carrying bags and USB Type-C™ adapter included for ultimate portability.
• Recharge your Joy-Con™ controllers while you play.’

#6. Lynx

This is the same 6-foot USB Type-C cord that we mentioned before as part of the Rapid Charge Kit. It features the same 15v capacity needed from proper charging and transfer of data simultaneously. Once more, it’s worth noting the woven, braided cord to prevent splitting of rubber or plastic as seen in more basic cords available on the shelf right now at your local tech and/or gaming store. The price of the item will only set you back $14.99. And since there isn’t much more to bring up about it, I’ll leave you with the extended features of this final product in our list.

• ‘Allows for continued play while your controller or console recharges.
• 6 foot cable designed to ensure there is no lag.
• Cable tie for clean storage.’

Again, we do not have a precise release date for these products, but they have a feature on their website for you to be notified via email when the products have an official release date. If the Switch isn’t the only system that you’re interested in or own, Bionik has you covered. Just follow the link here to their page to see everything that they have to offer as well as sign up for that email notice of release date for the Switch accessories that we just covered.

Stay tuned here on Hackinformer.com for all things Switch and follow us on Twitter @Hackinformer

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  1. These are all rather neat. The Powerplate is a rather nice looking piece of hardware that captures the feel of the Switch when it’s in “mobile mode”.

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